How to Earn Helix Credits and Rewards in AC Syndicate

Helix Credits are Assassin’s Creed Syndicate’s premium in-game currency. They can be earned by finding the many different types of collectibles in the game: Beer Bottles, Historical Poster Ads, Letters from the Front, and Helix Glitches.
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In this guide we’ll show you how to earn Helix Credits and which Rewards to spend them on.

You can also get Helix Glitches from collectibles that appear randomly throughout the game’s world. If you do not wish to go looking for them, and don’t mind parting with some of your hard earned cash, you can purchase Helix Glitches on Uplay with real money.

How to get Helix Credits

Helix credits can be earned in several ways; to see how, consult the list below.

  • 50 Helix Glitches – 50 Credits
  • All Helix Glitches (180) – 100 Credits
  • All Letters from the Front (100) – 100 Credits
  • All Beer Bottles (20) – 100 Credits
  • All Illustrations – Historical Poster (50) – 125 Credits

How to get Helix Credits Rewards

You can exchange your Helix Credits for various Rewards depending on your needs. We’ve prepared a table with all the Helix Credits Rewards below.

Short XP Boost+75% to XP received for 2 hours
Long XP Boost+75% to XP received for 12 hours
Common Crafting Resources Pack1500 Leather, 1500 Metal, and 1500 Glass
Rare Crafting Resources Pack750 Jewels, 750 Silk, and 750 Chemicals
Crafting Resources Complete Pack2000 Leather, 2000 Metal, 2000 Glass, 1250 Jewels, 1250 Silk, and 1250 Chemicals
Unique Crafting Resources PackEvery unique crafting resource
Medium Pounds Pack£10,000
Large Pounds Pack£100,000
Helix Glitch MapShows every Helix Glitch on the map
Treasure Hunt MapShows every treasure hunt location on the map
Tool Crafting PlansUnlocks every crafting plan needed to upgrade your Tools
Gear Crafting PlansUnlocks every crafting plan needed to make your gear


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  1. M

    i got all the letters from the front, didnt get any helix credits. please could you explain on why i didnt get them.

      1. C

        Same here no credits for the letters from the front… and i cant figure out how to get the glitch thats under the bridge in ww1 i cant get it from jumping or zip lineing or leap of faithing anywere :/

        1. P

          Zipline most of the way across and leap of faith right before you get to the other side. You need to time it just right. Good luck

        2. T
          Trevor Schaadt

          I Couldn’t Get It Either Until I Looked It Up On YouTube. Try That

  2. T
    Trevor Schaadt

    Why Can I Find All Helix Glitches Except 3 In City Of London 1 In The Thames And 1 In Whitechapel? Can Anyone Help

  3. D

    I’ve gotten quite literally EVERYTHING in the game…but 3 chests in Whitechapel. WTF? I’m convinced at this point my game is bugged or something. I have combed every inch of the area, and I do mean EVERY. All music boxes, posters, letters, helix glitches, beer bottles…if I can collect it I have it, for every area. Except for 3 chests in the actual easiest part. AHHHH! I’m a completionist, so this sucks!

    1. B

      Buy the chest map of Whitechapel from the vendor

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