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Assassin’s Creed Syndicate lets you change costume colors for its two protagonists. If you get tired of the outfits available for Jacob and Evie, you can breathe new life into them by purchasing new colors for them.
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Most colors can be bought for a relatively modest sum, but several need to be either found around London or obtained through missions. The colors are the same for both Jacob and Evie, though Evie enjoys a 100£ discount that is not granted to her twin brother. This guide will show you how to unlock outfit colors in AC: Syndicate and how much they cost.

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Outfit Colors

  • Wine – Complete Karl Marx memories
  • Green – Find in a hidden chest
  • Gold – 500£
  • Forest Green – 1000£
  • Taupe – 1000£
  • Beige – 1000£
  • Beige and blue – 1000£
  • Ubisoft blue – Exclusive Ubisoft Club Reward
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    I can’t change color of Evie’s first outfit. In the “dressing room” it just flashes and then goes s back to green. Is this some kind of bug you think? Haven’t been able to try the other outfits yet.

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