New Moon Armor Set | The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone

New Moon Armor is one of the armor sets introduced in the first Witcher 3 expansion, Hearts of Stone. You can find the highest quality of this armor’s pieces mostly at Hidden Treasure POIs throughout the new part of the map, in the northeastern corner of Velen, Novigrad district.
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Although this is not the best armor in the game, you can still enjoy its look and roleplay with it.

New Moon Stats

  • Medium Armor, level 34 and 35
  • Comes as Relic, Master and Magic Item
  • Depending on the quality of the items, it can provide:
    1. Resistance to bludgeoning damage
    2. Resistance to slashing damage
    3. Critical hit damage bonus
    4. Critical hit chance
    5. Bonus gold
    6. Glyph slot
Witcher 3 New Moon Armor Set Look

New Moon Armor Location

Note: There is a high chance you’ll find different New Moon armor pieces at the locations shown below. This armor set, especially its lower quality versions, can also be found in many chests.

New Moon Trousers can be found in the final chest of the quest The Royal Air Force, northeast from the Temerian Partisan Hideout fast travel point. You have to climb on top of the tall stone tower to find this chest. Watch out for the level 34 Harpy who defends this area.New Moon Gauntlets are inside a crypt at the hidden treasure POI positioned east from Heddel Abandoned Site, in northeastern Velen, near Novigrad. There are several level 34 Alghouls in the area.New Moon Armor and Boots are inside the Cursed Chapel at the end a quest called The Cursed Chapel. To unlock the door that leads to the underground passage with the set piece, you’ll need the key that you obtain during the mission. This POI and quest are located just north from the Upper Mill fast travel point, northeastern Velen. You’ll have to fight a boss called Cursed Mother inside the chapel.
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  1. D
    Dustin Farnum

    This armor looks exactly like what jon snow wears in the show.

    And sword on the back like the books…

    Gives me an idea for a mod….

  2. A

    Can we get some stats from NG+. would be great

  3. C

    does CDPR likes breaking witcher lore?

    1. S

      Why is it breaking witcher lore?

  4. K

    Page needs to be updated. This is by far the best sword build/dps armor currently out there. The “real” body piece is found in the lighthouse on crane cape and the “real” boots are found in the center of kilkerinn ruins by the big oak tree on the wooden deck. Ignore the body and boots found in the chapel there garbage.

    1. C

      where are the pieces exaclty located ?

  5. V

    Gah I wish there was a mod that let us change armor stats. Or maybe one that let us copy another armor’s stats. Or something like WoW’s transmog. Just as long as we can change the look or stats of an item so we can truly customize how we look and perform

  6. A

    Hey i seem to have lost or sold the new moon trousers does anyone know how i can get it back! Thx 🙂

    1. K

      I somehow lost them too :/ Only way to get it back (what I found) is to get debug console mod (ofc on PC). This is link to lates version (v.1.21)
      After that just open console (F2 or ~) during game and type
      additem(‘Thief Pants’)

      1. R

        did it nothing happens 🙁

  7. H

    It doesn’t matter how stats armor have. I played 70% of game with white shirt, nilfgard pants and boots from wyzima (I mean noble clothes from emhyr) and no gloves. Only sword was from witcher school. I played on death march with stronger enemies. This game was easy.

    1. X

      I call bullsh#t… thats not even possible

      1. S

        Trolls like these ones are pretty weird, like why would you even do this? To get people to do this as some form of torture? Or… what?

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