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Intel are collectible items in the Halo 5: Guardians campaign. There’s 117 of them in the entire campaign, and collecting them all will unlock the Hunt the Truth Achievement.
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In the first mission, you can find the first 7. In this guide, we’re going to show you all intel locations in Mission 1: Osiris.

Intel #1: Unggoy’s Personal Log 005

halo 5 intel locations mission 1 osirisUnggoy’s Personal Log can be found on a dead Covenant Grunt shortly after you begin the first mission. You’ll find him after you start playing as Locke, on the right side, just past the ship.

Intel #2: Jul ‘Mdama’s Log

The second piece of intel can be found after the first icicle wall. When you burst through it and enter the open space, jump off the ledge on the left. You’ll see a data pad on the ledge below.

Intel #3: Covenant Combat Orders

When you’re on the cliffside with the aerial battle raging in the distance, climb the ledges on your right. The data pad will be on a pillar along with some weapons.

Intel #4: Halsey Research Notes 1/4

After the encounter with the Kraken, go down the left road, walk to the edge and slowly drop down. When you turn around, you’ll see a small cave. Jump up to it – this is where the intel is.

Intel #5: Halsey Research Notes 2/4

Before you advance into the next zone, take a turn in front of the big entrance. Jump up on the ledge on the right, then drop down to another one. You’ll find the data pad on the edge, next to a corpse and some ammo crates.

Intel #6: Halsey Research Notes 3/4

intel location halo 5 halsey research notes 3After you’ve entered the next zone, you’ll see a large window opposite the door. The intel is on the floor in front of it.

Intel #7: Halsey Research Notes 4/4

When you’ve cleared the level and are ready to depart, jump up on the platform right from the exit. Jump up again, and you’ll get to a dark ledge with a bunch of broken stuff and a data pad.

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