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The Fiend Of Fleet Street is the fourth of the Dreadful Crimes in AC: Syndicate. You’re tasked with finding the missing Detective Murphy.
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In this guide we’ll show you how to solve The Fiend Of Fleet Street.

Use Eagle Vision to locate clues that will help in your investigation. Bear in mind that you’ll get less XP and money if you accuse the wrong person.


Accusing the right person will get you:
  • XP: 1000
  • £: 2000
  • Hunter’s Mantle Cape

Step #1: Fleet Street

Meet Artie and Henry Raymond in southwest Whitechapel, outside The White Hare pub.
  1. Frederick Abberline – at the gate to Fleet Street, a block east from the place where Doyle gave you the assignment. Speak with him about Det. Murphy and ask him about Missing People.

Step #2: Flower Shop

Go trough the gate behind Abberline and go northeast through the courtyard. You’ll reach a flower shop.
flower shop clues
Flower shop clues
  1. Leather Bag – Next to a cart in front of the flower shop
  2. Woman’s Jacket – Up a set of stairs nearby, close to a stack of barrels.
  3. Manure – in the middle of the courtyard, near a stack of crates south of the jacket.
  1. Joanna – she’s close to the sack of manure. Inquire about Detective Murphy and Missing People.
  2. Stephen Bean – to the east, near a sidewalk. Ask him about Det. Murphy, Missing People, and Manure.

Step #3: Bakery

Bakery clues
Bakery clues
  1. Bills – On the same block of buildings, go north and look for bills on the ground close to a table brimming with baked goods.
  2. Crate of Meat – past the suspect and close to the playing boys and the building.
  1. Mrs. Moffat – she’s standing near the table with the bakery products. Ask her about Det. Murphy, Missing People, and Meat.

Step #4: Butcher

  1. Butcher – he is west of the bakery owned by Mrs. Moffat. Inquire about Det. Murphy, Meat, and George.

Step #5: Leather Shop

Leather shop clues
Leather shop clues
  1. Leatherworking Tools – On the second floor of the Leather shop, to the northeast from the other shops.
  2. Leather Scrap – Also on the second floor of the shop.
  1. Tobias Jeffers – he’s on the first floor of the shop. Ask him about Det. Murphy, Missing People, and George.

Step #6: Barber Shop

Barber shop clues
Barber shop clues
  1. Razors – on the back porch of the barber shop, on the shelf in the corner.
  2. Blood – on the ground close to the stairs, near the place where you found the razors. Speak with the Barber then follow the trail of blood.
  1. Feeney Sodd – the barber, he’s in the shop. Ask him about Det. Murphy, Missing People, Blood, and George, then follow the blood trail to George’s house.

Step #7: George’s House

Just follow the footprints from the blood pool that lead to George’s House Clues:
  1. Ledger – it’s on the second floor of the house, on the desk below the window.
  2. Diary – on the third floor of the house.
  3. George’s Body – also on the third floor
Spoiler Alert: DO NOT read on if you want to figure out who did it yourself.

Step #8: Accuse

Go back to Jeffers, the owner of the leather shop, and accuse him of murder. When you do that, the investigation will be complete and you’ll get the maximum reward.

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