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Helix Glitches are collectibles in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. They are scattered throughout the City of London, typically hanging in the air in the middle of streets or close to high points in the city.
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They reward you with premium in-game currency – Helix Credits. In this guide, we’ll show you where to get all the Helix Glitches in Westminster.

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If you wish to collect them all, we strongly recommend getting the Rope Launcher first – it will make it much easier to get to the glitches. Collecting Helix Glitches will unlock Audio Logs, which will be found under Present Day Assassin Intel in the Encyclopedia. There are 12 Helix Glitches in Whitechapel; you can view their locations below.

Glitch #1 – Whitechapel Sawmill

This Helix Glitch is on the upper floor of Whitechapel Sawmill, hanging over the opening in the floor.

Glitch #2 – Construction site

This Glitch is to the east of the Whitechapel Sawmill. Use your rope launcher to cross to the buildings to the east, then keep going across the roofs until you see the Glitch hanging in front of a row of buldings, next to a construction site.

Glitch #3 – Residential area

You’ll find this Helix Glitch in a small cluster of houses west of the Whitechapel Goose Ale brewery. It is hovering above the chimney of the lowest house, located in the middle of the area.

Glitch #4 – Goose Ale Brewery

Climb to the topmost roof of the Goose Ale Brewery and look down between it and the adjacent roofs of the brewery. You’ll see the Helix Glitch hovering above the right chimney that is jutting out of the roof below.

Glitch #5 – Church Spire

You’ll find this glitch on the very top of the Church spire south of the Goose Ale brewery. It is hovering above the cross.

Glitch #6 – East of the Church

This glitch is hanging among the branches of a tree below a building to the west of the Church and the Goose Ale Brewery. Go to the roof and do a leap of faith off of it to get the glitch as you’re falling down toward the haystack.

Glitch #7 – Central Whitechapel

You’ll find this glitch in a courtyard formed by a line of tall buildings in central Whitechapel. It is next to the tree and to the side of the dilapidated protruding balcony of the adjacent building.

Glitch #8 – St. Mary Matfelon

Climb up the buildings west and across the street from St. Mary Matfelon church. Look at the alley on the other side of the buildings, you’ll see several ropes strewn above the alley at different points. The Helix Glitch is on the second rope, so just jump across them to get it.

Glitch #9 – Train Station

This Glitch is hovering above the tracks in Whitechapel’s train station. You can get it during your fight with Rexford Kaylock on the top of his train, if you climb up the train as soon as it starts moving – otherwise you’ll miss it. You can also get it by moving under it and using your rope launcher to climb to to one of the girders above. You’ll fly directly through the glitch if you get it right.

Glitch #10 – Western Whitechapel

You’ll find this Helix Glitch in the courtyard formed by the buildings north and across the street from St. Mary Matfelon church. Climb to the top of the central buildings and look north. The Glitch is hovering above the middle of the courtyard.

Glitch #11 – Northwestern Whitechapel

This Glitch is west of the church in Northwestern Whitechapel. Go down the street west from the church, then stop before intersection and vault up the buildings to your right. Drop down to the other side of the roof and observe the courtyard below. You’ll see the Glitch hovering among the branches of a tree there. Use your rope launcher on the building on the other side of the courtyard. If you get it right, you’ll slide right through the Glitch and collect it.

Glitch #12 – North

This Glitch is hovering above the northernmost street in Whitechapel, over the carriages there. Climb to one of the buildings next to the Glitch, then use your rope launcher on the other side. You’ll slide through the Helix Glitch if you aim it right.


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    Darth bleezy

    I did not think to look for 12 at that location. Very helpful thank you,

  3. B

    why arent in my map all helix glitches shown? one of them isnt shown i have 11/12 why??

    1. B

      They’re part of the map that they want you to buy with your Helix Credits. I’ve the same problem.

      1. S

        I missed 5 and 12.

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    Please help. It show on map with yellow a social collectible ( i think is helix glitxh ) and write that is discovered by me but i can’t take it. I jump on it and it do nothing. Sorry for my bad english. Why I can’t take the glitch?

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      idk dude I got the same problem
      one on top of church spiral it wont let me take it. wish someone would post a solution.

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    My dad and I play this game quite a bit (him more so than me because I’m a busy girl with work and that) and he introduced me to it and now I’m addicted and the info on the glitches has helped a lot!

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