Secret #01 Buckingham | Assassin's Creed: Syndicate

The first secret in AC: Syndicate can be found near Buckingham Palace, in Westminster. The photo-hint in the menu shows a cottage on a vast lawn and a large building in the distance.
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The text below it was taken from an alternative version of the poem Tom o’Bedlam. When you find this collectible, as well as the other Secrets of London, you’ll be rewarded with Aegis armor, a unique outfit for Evie. This guide will show you where to find Secret #01 in AC Syndicate.

Secret #01 Location

Secret #01 is located in St. James’ Park in Buckingham. Go to the northeastern corner of the park, across the street from the building of the Royal Society. You’ll find a small wooden shack there. Walk to the southern side of the cottage and approach a bench next to the door – the music box is lying there.

In-Game Poem

But I will find Bonny Maud, merry mad Maud
And seek whate’er betides her
Yet I will love beneath or above
The dirty earth that hides her.


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