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Illustrations are collectibles in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate scattered throughout the districts of London. These Historical Posters from everyday life situations can be found on the walls of the streets of London.
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Collecting all Illustrations unlocks Student of History achievement and helps you earn 125 Helix Credits. In this guide, we’ll show you where to get all Illustrations in AC Syndicate sorted by districts.

Illustration locations in Whitechapel

ac syndicate illustrations locations whitechapel
Illustration locations in WhitechapelReward: Illustration #40 – A Labourer’s Home at Whitnash
Across from Whitechapel Goose Ale.
historical poster locations in WhitechapelReward: Illustration #37 -Festival of the Highland Society
Next to J. Mailings Brush Maker.
ac syndicate illustrations locationsReward: Illustration #38 – Discussing the Budget
On the Todd’s Pies building.
illustrations locations whitechapelReward: Illustration #36 – The Easter Monday Volunteer Review at Brighton: Skirmishers
Accross from Abbot’s building
historical poster WhitechapelReward: Illustration #39 – Discussing the Budget
Under the bridge near Woodge & Sons Pawnbrokers.

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    Been over two years since publication. Will the list ever be completed? Have all in Whitechapel.

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