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Locked In … To Die! is one of the Dreadful Crimes investigations in Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate. Someone has killed a famous music critic in his room, but there’s no sign of a struggle or forced entry.
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It’s up to you to discover who. This guide will help you find the clues and solve Locked In … To Die! in AC Syndicate.

This memory starts in The Strand area, east of Covent Garden. Use Eagle Vision prudently – all the clues will be marked with a yellow tint when you do. Beware – if you accuse the wrong person, your rewards will be smaller.


If you get it right from the first try, you’ll receive the following:
  • £2000
  • 1000 XP
  • Engraved Knuckles

Step #1: Cashan’s Room

You’ll have to go up and inspect the victim’s body to begin the investigation. When you do, clues will start popping up around his room.

  • The body on the bed.
  • The candle on the bedframe.
  • The editor’s letter on the desk.
  • The gas lamp on the wall.
  • The air vent on the wall – Unlocks a new investigation zone.
  • The review among the books, behind the door.
  • The anonymous letter on the table by the door.
  • The window.
  • The door.
  • The concert program on the filing cabinet.
  • Mrs. Henman – She’s standing in front of the room, and is quite shaken by what happened. Ask her about Cashan to unlock another investigation zone.

Step #2: Bloomfield’s Room

The neighbor from next door lives with his wife – you should search their room thoroughly and interrogate them both afterwards. You’ll learn about new places to visit this way.

ac syndicate bloomfield locked in to dieClues:
  • The basement key left on the desk.
  • The gas lamp on the wall.
  • The air vent connecting this room to Cashan’s.
  • The sheet music on the desk with mail slots.
  • The newspaper next to the sheet music.
  • The candelabra by the window.
  • Mrs. Bloomfield – Her testimony isn’t of much use, but make sure you ask her about the candles – this will unlock an investigation zone.
  • Mr. Bloomfield – Cycle through all conversation options. The one about his experiments will add a new zone.
After you’re done, go back to Mrs. Henman and talk to her about Cashan. This will open up yet another investigation zone.

Step 3: Golden’s Room

The violinist lives downstairs from the victim. Search his room before you talk to him.

locked in to die clue locationsClues:
  • The clothing on the hanger by the door.
  • The gas lamp on the wall.
  • The candle on the fireplace.
  • The white shavings under the table.
  • The box of candles by the window.
  • The violin string box on the mail sorting table.
  • The sheet music on the desk by the door.
  • Mr. Golden – The violinst and occupant of the room you find him in.

Step 4: The Basement

This is where Mr. Bloomfield, the amateur chemist, does his experiments. There’s nobody there, so you’ll only have to examine the room.

ac syndicate dreadful crimes music critic cluesClues:
  • The gas tank by the entrance.
  • The chemical on the table.
  • The chemistry experiment (the apparatus on the left).

Step 5: Henman’s Room

This is where the caretaker and his wife live. It’s right next to the basement/laboratory.

basement clues locked in to die ac syndicateClues:
  • The key holder on the wall.
  • The candles on the counter.
  • The gas lamp on the wall.
  • The screwdriver on the counter.
  • Mr. Henman – Talk to the caretaker and exhaust all the options.
Once you’re done here, go back to Mr. Bloomfield and ask him about the chemicals you found.

Make an accusation

David Golden, the violinist, is who did it. He was mad at Byron Cashan for giving his orchestra a series of bad reviews. This made them lose funding, so they had to disband.

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