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The Mystery of the Twice-Dead Professor is a side misson in AC: Syndicate. It’s one of the Dreadful Crimes investigations, where you visit several locations, peruse for clues, then figure out who did the deed.
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In this guide, we’re going to help you collect the clues and solve The Mystery of The Twice-Dead Professor.

The mission starts in the northern part of the City of London borough, northwest of Holborn Viaduct. A certain professor, who should’ve been dead and buried days ago, turned up dead once more.


If you don’t choose the correct person to accuse the first time, you’ll get less money and XP. If you get it right the first time, you’ll receive:
  • £2000
  • 1000 XP

Step #1: Byng’s Home

Explore the three-storied house, collect all the clues and talk to the relatives and hired help.

  • (Lower Floor) Professor Byng’s body on the floor, right as you walk through the front door.
  • (LF) The personal letter on the cupboard under the stairs.
  • (Middle Floor) The sculpture on the small table.
  • (Top Floor) The spider on the floorboards.
  • (TF) The crate next to the bookshelf.
  • (TF) The legal letter on the table.
  • (TF) The letter from a collegue on another table.
  • Emmet Byng – The victim’s son. Talking to him about “Byng” and “crate” will unlock 2 new investigation zones.
  • Angela – The maid. She’s the one that found the body.

Step #2: University

The professor’s place of work is full of clues about his work and potential cause of death. There’s a couple of coworkers to talk to as well, not to mention his son’s wife-to-be.

  • (Lower Floor) The handkerchief on the small dresser next to the stairs.
  • (LF) The receipt on the floor next to the desk.
  • (Middle Floor) The spider illustration on the wall.
  • (MF) The treatise by Dr. Wilson on the coffee table next to the sofa.
  • (MF) The small box by the window.
  • (Top Floor) The pedestal by the railing.
  • (TF) The book written by professor Byng on the floor by the bookshelf.
  • (TF) The bookcase leaning against the wall.
  • Professor Silas – A fellow anthropologist who seems to be envious of his collegue’s success.
  • Dr. Wilson – The university’s foremost expert on spiders.
  • Virginia – An assistant who was also supposed to become the deceased’s daughter-in-law.

Step #3: Cemetery

This is where the body was burried before it mysteriously reappeared. There’s only one person to talk to and a couple of clues.

cemetery clues twice dead professor dreadful crimesClues:
  • The money on the ground by the faucets.
  • The gravedigger’s coat next to the caged grave.
  • The Byng family vault.
  • The handkerchief on the ground near the vault.
  • Beswick – The gravedigger. Ask him about body-snatching, then keep on pressing. This will let you use Eagle Vision to follow tracks to the new investigation zone.

Step #4: Abandoned House

The house in the neighborhood where the murder happened and it’s littered with evidence.

ac syndicate dreadful crimes abandoned houseClues:
  • The spectacles.
  • The ripped chapter.
  • The mask.
  • The ashes.
  • The single page.
  • The tools.
Go back to the university and talk to Virginia about her handkerchief.

Spoiler Alert: DO NOT read on if you want to figure out who did it yourself.

Accuse the murderer

After you’ve got the option to accuse, you can go straight to Professor Silas. He’s the one who did it, hoping it would help him become the very best, like no one ever was.

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