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There are 23 Helix Glitches in the Thames district of Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate. These collectibles reward you with a small amount of XP and when you find enough of them you might also get some Helix credits.
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We decided to create this screenshot guide including a detailed map with all Helix glitch locations marked, because purchasing an in-game map requires you to spend precious helix credits (you can get them via spending real money or by collecting helix glitches, which is kind of counterproductive). We went from the south side of the Thames upwards. We recommend you go through some of the main story, until you get the rope launcher form Alexander Graham Bell (I believe you get this during Sequence 3).

The Thames Helix Glitch Locations Guide

The Thames helix glitches map
1helix glitch the thames 1At the bottom of the Thames map you’ll find this glitch on top of a tall wooden pole, south of the railroad bridge.
2helix glitch the thames 2Found when you jump off of the side of the southernmost bridge in the Thames district into a haystack on a boat bellow.
3helix glitch the thames 3Found on the northern side of the road bridge found at the bottom of the Thames district.
4helix glitch the thames 4On a tall pole north of the bridge where you found the previous glitch. Rope launch over to it.
5helix glitch the thames 5Do a leap of faith from the southernmost viewpoint in the Thames district to collect this glitch.
6helix glitch the thames 6On the east bank of the Thames, on top of a boat mast.
7helix glitch the thames 8Climb to the top of a boat mast located just next to the bridge.
8helix glitch the thames 8North of the previous glitch you will see a glitch in mid air close to another boat mast. Jumping into water from that mast will not let you collect the helix, so you have to go to another nearby boat and use your rope launcher to get the collectible.
9helix glitch  the thames 9Get to the Hutton steam boat and you’ll find the glitch on the wires connecting the two boat chimneys.
10helix glitch the thames 10There’s a templar hunt event on the west bank of the Thames (as marked on the map), across the Hutton steam boat you visited for the previous glitch. There’s a flag pole with the British flag at the Templar hunt grounds. Rope launch to it to get the glitch.
11helix glitch the thames 11Go to the eastern bank of the Thames. There is a motorized crane there. Climb on top of it and wait for it to move you over the glitch.
12Go to the central viewpoint in the Thames district and do a leap of faith into the haystack bellow to get this collectible.
13helix glitch the thames 13Your goal is to reach the top of this wooden post. You can do so by using your rope gun from another nearby post (or swim up to it and climb).
14helix glitch the thames 14Found on the side of a bridge that is about mid way of the Thames map.
15helix glitch the thames 15There’s a dock on the north bank of the river. At the dock’s exit is a flag pole. You need to get on top of it and rope launch to the highest point of a stationary ship across from there. Ziplining to one of the lower points on the ship’s mast will not let you collect the helix.
16helix glitch the thames 16Found in the Bounty hunt event area. There are movable cranes about. Get on top of one of them and you will collect the glitch.
17helix glitch the thames 17On top of a tall wooden post. You can climb it or rope launch to its top.
18helix glitch the thames 18Zipline from the flag pole found on the ferry dock to the wooden pole in the water to get this one.
19helix glitch the thames 19You will have to use a nearby motorized crane to get to this one (I like this mechanic).
20helix glitch the thames 20Get to the northeast viewpoint of Thames zone and do a leap of faith into the water towards the glitch’s location.
21helix glitch the thames 21Yet another Helix you must collect by using the motorized crane in the area.
22helix glitch the thames 22Zipline from the bridge onto a nearby wooden pole in the water.
23helix glitch the thames 23Climb the top of the ship marked on the map to get the final Helix glitch in the Thames district.


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