Blind Justice - Dead Kings DLC Murder Mystery

Blind Justice is a Murder Mystery that made its appearance with the free Dead Kings DLC for AC Unity. It takes place in northern Francaide, Cemetery district.
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It shows up on the map once you complete Sequence 13 Memory 3 – “A Shadow From the Past”. This is the easiest Murder Mystery in AC Unity, thus the 1/5 difficulty level. It is almost impossible to make a mistake here and accuse the wrong culprit, because the game guides you toward the murderer once you collect all clues. This is why the murder mystery gives only 2,500 livres and no gear reward. Rather disappointing and boring.

Street – Clues (3/3)

The first clue is the body that starts the quest. Next two clues are next to the body.

  1. STREET – The body of the victim
  2. STREET – Broken glass
  3. STREET – The statement of the witness
AC Unity Dead Kings Blind Justice Street Clues
Two more clues to be gathered.

Square – (2/2)

Square is west of the murder mystery’s location. It is on your way to the last clue location.

  1. SQUARE – A crumpled paper
  2. SQUARE – Statement of the street artist

Bakery – Clue (1/1)

Bakery is south of previous locations. Its location gets revealed once you collect STREET – The statement of the witness. Bakery is where you collect the final clue. The final clue tells us who did the nasty deed and you start the pursuit of the murderer.

  1. BAKERY – Statement of the baker

Find the street artist

The next step guides you toward the Square location. Once you are there you find out that the culprit committed another crime. This also reveals where the murderer is most probably hiding. His hideout is located southwest of the Square. Culprit the street artist is on the street, among the crowd. This is where accusing has no purpose as the murderer becomes hostile once you get close to him.
The most interesting part is when he explains why he did it. Be sure not to miss that.



  1. D

    I didn’t hear it, to quick at killing him haha. what did he say?

    1. S

      “I am SICK of people looking at me. Do NOT look at me!”

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