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Cancer Nostradamus Enigma is a three star difficulty side mission in Assassin’s Creed Unity, which means that its riddles should not be that difficult to solve. These missions do not involve fighting enemies of a certain level so their difficulty rating usually coincides with the difficulty of riddles they have you solve.
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You can pick this mission up in Faubourg Saint-Germain district of Le Quartier Latin zone in AC Unity. It is another mission that rewards you with a Nostradamus fragment at the end. This is also one of the rare Enigma that have four riddles for you to solve.

Cancer Enigma Starting Location

1st Cancer Riddle Solution

On a Church that will stand,
For a thousand years or more.
Three spires reach to heaven,
The truth lies on the tallest one.

Knowing that first riddle solutions are usually near where Enigmas start I looked around and saw a beautiful church with three towers that seemed to fit the riddle perfectly. My suspicions were confirmed when I climbed the tallest one and heard the familiar chime of a rune close by.

2nd Riddle Solution

In the playground of the wealthy,
Assembled by the Medici clan.
The grand foyer will transport,
To the highest social ranks.
I searched for “Medici palace Paris” on Google which lead me to Luxembourg Palace (or Palais du Luxembourg in French), which is a close by landmark in the game as well. I went there searching and spent some time scouting the rooftops and walls of the palace searching for the rune to no avail. “The grand foyer” part of the riddle led me to look inside the palace and I found the solution to the second Cancer riddle right at the big entrance to the palace – in the grand foyer.

3rd Cancer Riddle Solution

The font of knowledge,
Plaything of angels.
In the garden of life,
Man first learned Sin.

Searching for “Font of knowledge” on Google delved into whether you should say fount or font of knowledge. Fount is short for fountain and font is a vessel for baptism. I figured the solution had something to do with water. “In the garden of life” should be referring to the garden of the Medici Palace since Wikipedia article mentions the garden as being filled with water basins and being favorite of Parisians. So I went to visit the garden behind the palace I was in (careful – there are some hostile guards there). There is a nice little fountain there and that is where I found the solution to the third riddle.

4th Cancer Riddle Solution

Beneath your feet,
The rich hide their secrets.
The sundial counts days spent,
Amidst the worms and bones.

All I needed for solving the final riddle was the first verse: “Beneath your feet”/ I looked for a nearby underground entrance and upon scouting the tunnels bellow I found the solution to the fourth and final riddle of Cancer Enigma.

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    So the 3rd part of this is glitched on ps4 for me anybody have a remedy?

    1. M
      Monkey kale

      Not me 🙂

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    Nvm for anybody that has this problem just run another riddle and come back n restart it itll work just did for me

    1. V

      The cancer riddle by the fountain is not there for me. Is that your problem if so can you tell me how to fix it

  3. N

    if you want to avoid internet searches or wild goose chases but you do want to figure the riddles on your own alot of the answers are in the database under encyclopedia then locations most riddle answers are there right in the description.

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