Assassin's Creed Unity Sagittarius Nostradamus Enigma guide

Sagittarius Nostradamus Enigma is one of those mission that have hard riddles you find to be easy only once you solve them. This is a four star difficulty mission in Assassin’s Creed Unity that rewards a Nostradamus fragment in the end.
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You will be visiting some scholastic locations of old Paris. Once I figured that out it was easier finding solutions to riddles. Uncovering all landmark locations in a wide area around the start of this enigma can also help solve some of these (Gosu Tip: you will actually have to read the in-game database entries that unlock once you visit landmark locations to connect the dots between a location and riddle)

Sagittarius Enigma Starting Location

1st Sagittarius Riddle Solution

Great minds reach for heaven,
Men of the South gaze North,
Four Nations seek the truth.

Google search “Four Nations Paris” led me directly to Wikipedia page of Collège des Quatre-Nations. Google maps helped me locate it and once I got there in game I managed to find the solution to the first riddle on top of the building (Collège des Quatre-Nation is also a non-marked landmark and a database entry).

2nd Sagittarius Riddle Solution

Where the sun rises on,
The face of Robert’s School.
Eyes turn upward to the sky,
From a domed peak.

First verse suggested I should look east. Robert’s School stumped me for a while though, because there were no relevant results in a Google search. After quite a while I decided to scout all landmarks to the east and read their entries. Turns out that Sorbonne was founded by Robert de Sorbon. I searched for “Robert college” in Google and that came back to Sorbonne as well. Who would have thought to search for Robert college instead of Robert school… There is a viewpoint there and once I fast traveled there I turned my Eagle vision on and saw the solution to the second riddle next to a small dome on top of Sorbonne.

3rd Sagittarius Riddle Solution

Far from the river,
Those men who observe,
Gaze up at the stars.

This one was very hard for me to find at first. I looked at nearby landmarks finding nothing that made sense. Last two verses led me to think it had something with people observing the stars. Searching for “paris astronomy” on Google led me to Paris Observatory and its location on the google maps. I went to explore there and unlocked a missing database entry for the Observatory, which led me to believe it was the solution to the third Sagittarius riddle. It took me a while to explore the outside walls of the observatory because the place is filled with enemies. At the end I managed to find the final solution on top of the observatory and collect my reward.