AC Unity A Dash of Poison - Murder Mystery Guide

A Dash of Poison is a 5 star difficulty side mission in Assassin’s Creed Unity. This Murder Mystery starts in Invalides district, where you’ll face a lot of enemies.
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Dead woman’s body that starts the mission can be found in a small alley, close to the flag of France. After collecting all the clues and accusing the real murderer you’ll acquire a long weapon – Corseque and 2,500 livres. You can upgrade Corseque and get 25% additional damage for 5,000 creed points. Corseque is described in game as: Popular in Europe in the renaissance, this weapon features a head with a long spike and two lateral blades.

Alley – Clues (5/5)

When you approach the Alley, you’ll easily find four of five clues. The only one that is hard to be spotted is the one on the doorstep of the nearby house entrance.

  1. ALLEY – Bloody vomit
  2. ALLEY – Empty coin purse
  3. ALLEY – Small glass vial
  4. ALLEY – Man’s body
  5. ALLEY – Drops of black liquid

Merchant Stall – Clues (4/4)

Your next location is a Merchant store, just one block away from the Alley. This location becomes available once you collect the clue Alley – Empty coin purse.

  1. MERCHANT STALL – Statement of the merchant
  2. MERCHANT STALL – Tonic bottle
  3. MERCHANT STALL – Tonics and medicine
  4. MERCHANT STALL – Purses

Workshop – Clues (5/5)

Location of the workshop unveils on the map once you collect the clue Statement of the merchant. The great thing is that distance between the areas where you should collect the clues is pretty short. Workshop is just a few streets away from the Merchant Stall.

  1. WORKSHOP – Statement of the chemist
  2. WORKSHOP – Pestle and mortar
  3. WORKSHOP – Letter from Samuel Maran
  4. WORKSHOP – Medicine bottles
  5. WORKSHOP – Notebook

Apothecary Stand – Clues (5/5)

After collecting the clue Statement of the merchant, Apothecary Stand location unlocks on the map. This area is the closest one to the starting area – Alley.

  1. APOTHECARY STAND – Pestle and mortar
  2. APOTHECARY STAND – Medicinal tonics
  3. APOTHECARY STAND – Chemistry books and journals
  4. APOTHECARY STAND – Supplies
  5. APOTHECARY STAND – Statement of the apothecary

Find the murderer

The murderer is at Apothecary Stand. It is the doctor Samuel Maran. Accuse him and collect the prize by speaking to Lapparent.
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