The Hand of Science – Murder Mystery Guide

The Hand of Science is a 4 star Murder Mystery in Assassin’s Creed Unity. This Mystery starts in Sorbonne district.
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In order to start the mystery interact with a dead body near the school. Upon collecting all clues and accusing the murderer you’ll acquire a range weapon – Woodplate Blunderbuss and 500 livres.

Courtyard – Clues (6/6)

Some clues are scattered around the dead body, while the final three are just a few steps away, close to the school.

  1. COURTYARD – Bloody Bible
  2. COURTYARD – Exam of Lionel Viala
  3. COURTYARD – Exam of Pierre Simeoni
  4. COURTYARD – Trial of blood
  5. COURTYARD – Statement of Lionel Viala
  6. COURTYARD – Statement of Pierre Simeoni

Church – Clues (2/2)

Location of the Church is revealed once you collect the clue Courtyard – Blood Bible. The church is pretty close to the Courtyard, and you can take statements from the priest and church deacon.

  1. Church – Statement of the priest
  2. Church – Statement of the church deacon

School – Clues (5/5)

Your next destination is the school, which location is in close vicinity of the church. Enter the School and collect 5 clues.

  1. SCHOOL – Smashed bottles
  2. SCHOOL – Lesson plan
  3. SCHOOL – Chemical vials
  4. SCHOOL – Statement of the school caretaker
  5. SCHOOL – Statement of Professor Frison

Bedroom – Clues (2/2)

After collecting the clue School – Statement of the school caretaker new location will appear on the map. It’s location of the bedroom which can be fond on the second floor of the school. Inside this area you can collect a key, that will be used for inspecting the last area.

  1. BEDROOM – Key
  2. BEDROOM – L’avantcourer Journal

Office – Clues (3/3)

The above-mentioned key unlocks the door in the school yard, next to a printing press.

  1. OFFICE – Scrap of paper
  2. OFFICE – List of chemicals
  3. OFFICE – Manifesto

Accuse the murderer

The murderer is inside the school. It’s Professor Frison. Accuse him and talk to Lapparent to acquire your reward.


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