Assassin's Creed: Unity Diabolus Legacy riddle guide

Suger’s Legacy III – Diabolus, together with Suger’s Legacy V – Crux, is part of the two missions that you need to complete in order to be able to start the main story mission Sequence 13 memory 4 – “Raising the Dead” in Dead Kings DLC. Starting location of Diabolus is above the main entrance of Basilica of Saint Denis.
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In order to complete Surger’s Legacy missions you have to solve riddles (very similar to Nostradamus Enigma missions in the original game). Diabolus has three riddles for you to solve and the game will have visual tips for where to find their solutions (unlike with other legacy missions).

1st riddle solution

Guarding, staring, brooding
Horned amongst monsters
On the house of God
Circled by our ring.

Map marked area where you can find the location of the first riddle’s solution is rather small and the solution itself is found on the same level as the start of the mission. You have to jump over a small wall, and step on a small stone gargoyle. This is in line with what the riddle says. Solution is located above the entrance of the basilica, looking over the area, on the side of a wall encircling the Basilica’s tower.
Suger's Legacy III Diabolus First Riddle Location
Location of the first riddle solution.

2nd riddle solution

My obsequious gaze
On the Lord’s outpost
The star’s reflection
At its height, utmost.

This and the last riddle solutions are both found in and around the same church in northwestern Francaide, Cemetery district. Finding it near a church makes sense of “the Lord’s outpost” verse in the riddle. You can find the solution to the second riddle on top of one of the rooftops, where the stars reflect.

3rd and final riddle solution

The lady at the gates
Within reach of her
Inferno awaits
Our bane, the Devil’s number.

The first part of the riddle tells us about some entrance/exit. There are only one or two entrances located at the map marked area. Upon further research I’ve stumbled upon this quote from Wikipedia:
Devil’s doors are structural features found in the north wall of some medieval and older churches in the United Kingdom.
This resembles the door the riddle’s solution can be found on.

Suger's Legacy III Diabolus Third and Final Riddle Location
Location of the final riddle solution.

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