Assassin's Creed Unity Leo Nostradamus Enigma

Leo Enigma starts in Hôtel de Ville district of Ventre de Paris zone. This Nostradamus Enigma had some of the hardest riddles in Assassin’s Creed Unity, so much so that I had to change my approach on how to solve them.
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Being stuck on the first riddle for a while I decided to scout all the landmarks in all the surrounding zones to unlock in-game database entries for various locations. Reading these entries provided invaluable clues for this and other hard enigmas and solutions to their riddles.

Leo Enigma Starting Location

1st Leo Riddle Solution

Above the dark shadows
Of the erstwhile bastion,
The tall square Sentinel silently watches
The 9th month spill his blood.

I spent hours until I managed to solve this riddle. “The 9th month spill his blood” seemed to refer to September Massacres of the French revolution when prisoners were killed. I vent to the Bastille but found no solution there. I started looking for other prisons through google but nothing significant came up. Erstwhile bastion suggested it was another fortress that had significance before the Bastille. I then went scouting nearby landmark, but that didn’t help. I noticed though that visiting significant landmarks unlocked database entires so I widened my search until I unlocked Grand Châtelet database entry that said “..this prison was once a fortress”, which matched the description of being a fortress and then a prison whose prisoners got massacred in the 9th month. I found the solution to the first riddle on top of the square tower (tall square Sentinel …).

2nd Leo Riddle Solution

The martyrs of Herod,
In their ageless temple,
Haunt the alchemist’s tones,
With their macabre, soundless dance.

Google search for “Martyrs of Herod Paris” returned an entry about Holy Innocents. One of the previous landmarks I discovered (and got the database entry for it) was Cimetière des Saints-Innocents. Turns out the solution to the second Leo Enigma riddle is at that cemetery (which is now defunct according to the Wikipedia article).

3rd Leo Riddle Solution

In the Belly of the World,
The Saint of the Holy Stag
Still waits for his Austral hand
To reach the godly heavens.

“Belly of the World Paris” Google search returned an entry about Le Ventre de Paris (Stomach of Paris) which turns out to be Les Halles de Paris – central market center in Paris. This market is area just north of where you got the final riddle. There is a landmark there for Église St. Eustache church and that is where I found the solution to the third riddle. BTW, there is a database entry for this landmark and apparently St. Eustache’s symbol is a large stag dear (the more you know…)
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  1. K

    The first one also got me – I was sure it must be the Temple. Bad luck, it was the Chatelet… Too many forts in Paris at that time! Both of these ones are long gone, through the names stay on as metro stations.

    The second was really tough. Not only the cemetery but the name is lost today. Figuring it out requires either very good knowledge of historical Paris – or having come across the landmark, I guess.

    The third was easy. Les Halles are well-known as the ventre de Paris, and there’s only one church there, so you don’t even need to know about the stag and St Eustache.

  2. M
    Mr. M

    Thanks a lot for these guides, I enjoyed reading how you find the runes.

  3. A
    Aaron Higgins

    many thx dude u saved me many painful hours hats off to ya 🙂

  4. O
    OG Sw!fty

    I struggle hard with these riddles but surprisingly Leo was 1st I was able to solve without any outside help (1st out of 5-6 riddles solved so far).

    1) As I stood on top of the church starting the quest I saw a 4-square tower immediately in the far horizon. Since there was a landmark already discovered, I knew I was going to find it there.

    2) I was wondering a while about alchemist and cemetery clue, remembering a hidden alchemy under Notre-Dame. Luckily enough, I had a landmark with closer cemetery and upon checking it in database I saw a mention about Flammel. I knew I was going for a last piece…

    3) Again, since I am reading all database entries and had a landmark near Halles (which contained remarks about Stag) I knew where I’m going to end this riddle.

  5. O

    Thanks so much, Again hats of too ya good luck

  6. J

    Says I have 17 of 18 fragments did all scroll missions on my map with all view points unlocked is there a fragment you get during a sequence mission or am I just missing something

  7. D

    Thanks so much for all your hard work finding these and then making these great guides! I appreciate it. Saves us all so much time

  8. P

    Thks sooooo much bro u helped a lot

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