AC Unity The Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat - Murder Mystery Guide

The Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat is one of the longest Assassin’s Creed: Unity Murder Mysteries, because it consists of significant number of clues. The reward is proportional to the amount of work you put in.
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In addition to the main reward One-Handed sword – Messer you will get 2,500 Livres. This sword is described in game as: “The thicker blade on this sword allows it to hold an edge without sacrificing chopping power“. The Mystery starts in Sorbonne district, on the third floor of a house.

Marat’s House – Clues (6/6)

Five of six clues can be found on the same floor where you start the Mystery. The last clue is on the lower floor, in the corner of the room.

  1. MARAT’S HOUSE – List of Girondin traitors
  2. MARAT’S HOUSE – Empty Bottle of tonic
  3. MARAT’S HOUSE – Bloody knife
  4. MARAT’S HOUSE – The Friend of the People
  5. MARAT’S HOUSE – Statement of Jacques-Louis David
  6. MARAT’S HOUSE – Letter from Charlotte Corday

Street – Clues (3/3)

Once you collect Marat’s House – List of Girondin traitors clue a new location next to the Marat’s House unlocks. Talk with three ladies on the street in order to obtain new clues.

  1. STREET – Statement of Chantelle Naves
  2. STREET – Statement of Madeline Leclair
  3. STREET – Statement of Jacqueline Perel

Apothecary Stall – Clues (1/1)

After collecting Marat’s House – Empty Bottle of tonic clue, a new location becomes active. This time head towards the center of Sorbonne district.

  1. APOTHECARY STALL – Statement of the apothecary

Merchant Stall – Clues (2/2)

Next two clues can be found in the Merchant Stall. This location gets revealed once you collect Marat’s House – Bloody knife clue.

  1. MERCHANT STALL – Providence Hotel Handbill
  2. MERCHANT STALL – Statement of the merchant

Sewer – Clues (2/2)

Before you can reach the next location you have to find an underground entrance. This entrance is just across from the marked area on the Sewer map. This location gets revealed once you collect Apothecary Stall – Statement of the apothecary clue.

  1. SEWER – Letter from Simmone Evrard
  2. SEWER – Corpse

Hotel – Clues (2/2)

Upon collecting Merchant Stall – Providence Hotel Handbill clue, the Mystery sends you to the Hotel located between district Sorbonne and Saint-Jacques.

  1. HOTEL – Plutarch’s Parallel Lives
  2. HOTEL – Letter from Charlotte Corday

Prison – Clues (5/5)

Second to the last location is quite far from other locations where you have already collected the clues. This location gets revealed after collecting Street – Statement of Chantelle Naves clue.

  1. PRISON – Statement of Charlotte Corday
  2. PRISON – Statement of Jasper Lasalle
  3. PRISON – Statement of Simmone Evrard
  4. PRISON – Statement of Albertine Marat
  5. PRISON – Statement of Theron Brignac

Shop – Clues (1/1)

After collecting all clues from the prison, the last location gets unveiled. It’s a shop in Sorbonne district.

  1. SHOP – Statement of Dominique Buches

Accuse the Murderer

Once again get back to the Prison area. Person you want to accuse is Charlotte Corday, that can be found near the metal gate door. After that talk talk with Lapparent and collect the Mystery rewards.