Assassin's Creed Unity Mercurius Nostradamus Enigma

Mercurius Nostradamus Enigma is probably the first Enigma you will try to solve in Assassin’s Creed Unity. This is because it is located in the very room that tells you what Enigmas are and what Fragments are for. As you get to inhabit Café Théâtre you will have to take the tour of the house. This tour will probablyt take you to underground chambers among which is the Armor Room. This room holds the armor of a famous assassin, but it is locked away and you will need to collect all the fragments scattered around Paris to be able to unlock the armor and deservingly wear it. Mercurius enigma start right next to the Armor Room. Those of you that did not yet reach Café Théâtre you will find it in Ile Saint-Louis district east of Notre-Dame (just across the river).


Mercurius Enigma Starting Location

Once inside

1st Riddle Solution

The lady of the domicile
Judges comings and goings
From her couch-like throne
At the top of the stair.

Mentioning lady of the domicile made me think this has to do something with Cafe Theatre since that is our home in the game. I went around the house looking for a lady in a couch-like throne at the top of the stair, so I went up to the first floor and I started hearing a chime that happens when you are near a riddle solution.

2nd Riddle Solution

Lowly sinners, as each we are,
Aspire to the domed heav’ns.
Fickle fate points beyond,
Where a supine city Beckons.

I suspected that this Enigma will be related to your house and “domed heav’ns” part of the riddle caught my eye. What better place for a dome than the roof? Upon going up there I found the dome and the solution to the second riddle as well.

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  1. J
    Jason Young

    its just keeps telling me to find the symbol. I found it on the wall with eagle vision. I have no option to interact with it.

    1. B
      Brent Rightnour

      Same here. Went back several times to no avail.

    2. J
      jared gilbert

      you have to interact with the symbol above the pedistal where u got the quest first then go upstairs

      1. A

        I love you dude, been trying to get this one to work forever but this is what was missing the whole time, nobody ever mentioned it.

    3. J

      I’m having the exact same thing happening. I found the riddle icon on the solution, yet the option to “Interact” never comes up. Possible glitch missed right after the game release? Also, I’m not getting the same riddles that this person who posted this article.

    4. D
      Derek zapata

      You have to go back to the armor room and the symbol will be where the book was to start the mission and you can carry on

      1. N

        Same thing happened to me. You have to click the book at the beginning twice because the first time it gives you the introduction to what the Nostradamus Enigmus is. When that comes up, then close out of that and click the book again and it will start the mission.

        1. S

          Thank you for that! helped a lot

      2. W

        It worked thanks

    5. V

      you have to stand against the wall to get the option to interact with it, at least I got that when i tried it

    6. N

      First go to the mercius enigma start and activate eagle vision and interact with the symbol you see then do all this other stuff I had trouble here too

    7. B
      Brandon Velez

      You need to interact with the start of the riddle again, outside the armor room. For some reason this first riddle is bugged

    8. R

      Try going back Down to the first enigma then coming back. I had the same problem and tried this and then it worked

  2. T

    I was having the same problem until I watched a video guide and discovered that you have to interact with the very first rune which is on the wall right where you pick up the mission. Then I could interact with the second and third runes as well. This guide seemed a bit misleading because the author only specified to interact with the second and third runes.

  3. B

    ok whenever the rune doesn’t interact, it means that you have another quest going on, i noticw that by starting over it resets all , just look on map when the parchment is still lit ( not darkened) it means it hasn’t been tracke yet.

  4. J

    Hey guys I had the same problem. You literally have to walk into the symbol until it says interact. It didn’t work until I walked into the wall where the symbol was. Try that

  5. N

    to avoid the glitch when you accept the quest from book look above you and you will see the symbol. interact with it and after that the quest can be solved with the answers of the riddles

  6. J

    it wont work at the top of the dome.

  7. N

    Same and it’s the last one ?

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