Assassin's Creed Unity Murder Foretold Murder Mystery Guide

Murder Mystery Guide, Murder Foretold, is given by Eugene Francois Vidocq. Eugene Francois Vidocq is found in a jail in Central Paris – Palais De Justice.
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As you enter the area where you can start the Mystery short cut-scene begins. After it ends go close to the Eugene Francois Vidocq and accept the Mystery – Murder Foretold. Mystery consists of series of objectives. At the end you are suppose to accuse one of the persons for a crime. Accusing the correct target gives you maximum bonus awards. Each Murder Mystery also unlocks new weapon for free and an additional Murder Mystery.

Main mission reward is Wooden Hammer. This is a heavy weapon. Once you complete the mystery you can equip the weapon free of charge. Twenty five percent additional damage upgrade costs 200 creed points.

Investigate the body

Body you should investigate is found in central Paris – Cite District. It is inside a small Monastery compound. Body is on the first floor inside the Monastery building.

MONASTERY: Clues (1/13)

The first 8 Clues are found on the same floor where you found the body.
  • MONASTERY – Body (Previous objective target. On the ground of the Monastery’s second floor.)
  • MONASTERY – Statement of the Abbot (Abbot stands close to the stairs.)
  • MONASTERY – Crumpled paper (On the ground, next to the dead body.)
  • MONASTERY – Property of: Friar Jean (Inside a wooden box, next to the unused bed and the dead body.)
  • MONASTERY – Body of Friar Stanislaus (On a bed, close to the window.)
  • MONASTERY – Body of Friar Bernard (On a bed, close to the glass balcony door.)
  • MONASTERY – Body of Friar Benoit (On a bed, beneath drying clothes.)
  • MONASTERY – Property of: Friar Honore (Inside a wooden box, close to the stairs.)
The 9th Clue is found on the first floor (that is ground floor for all you EU people out there) of the Monastery.
  • MONASTERY – Statement of Friar Benedict (Friar stands close to the fireplace.)
For final Clues visit Monastery’s backyard.
  • MONASTERY – Statement of the Vineyard Worker (Crouched worker next to the vineyard.)
  • MONASTERY – Partially burnt diary (On a campfire.)
  • MONASTERY – Statement of Friar Joseph (Friar stands at the middle of the backyard, next to a grave.)
  • MONASTERY – Statement of Friar Honore (Friar stands at the southern part of the backyard, next to a group of people.)
Once you have collected all Clues go back to Friar Honore and accuse him of murder.

SPEAK to Lapparent

As you accuse one of the Friars you get teleported to the prison. Talk to Chief of Police Charles Cochon de Lapparent to complete the Murder Mystery and acquire the prize.