BG3 Act 2 Checklist

As you no doubt already know, Baldur’s Gate 3 is a gigantic game. While Act 1 is big, its Act 2 is even bigger than that. Due to its share size and scope, it features a lot of content – both mandatory, as well as completely optional. Everywhere you go, there is something to do, be it a quest, or a small side activity. But this can also mean that it is very easy to accidentally miss this content without meaning to. If you want to make sure that you have done everything that Act 2 has in store for you, this BG3 Act 2 Checklist is here to help.

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BG3 Act 2 Checklist
BG3 Act 2 Checklist

BG3 Checklist for Act 2

So let’s start with the Shadow Cursed Lands:

  • Encounter He-Who-Was.
  • Hide & seek with Oliver in “House with Flowers”.
  • There are three ruins in this area, all of which have some loot.
  • The Abandoned Potter’s Workshop.

Last Light Inn:

  • Dammon is here.
  • The Strange Ox from the Emerald Grove.
  • The Bear’s statue at the entrance.
  • Convince Mattis to give you a key.
  • Speak to Jaheira, Alfira, and Rolan. Also, speak to the cat there as well.
  • Raphael is playing chess with Mol. Speak to Mol afterwards.
  • There is a bedridden Flaming Fist at the bottom floor.
  • There is a hidden area inside the Inn’s cellar.
  • Harper’s will aks you to ambush a cult convoy.


  • Arabella at the graveyard.
  • The central pillar can unlock Shar’s Sanctuary.

Mason Guild:

  • Infernal Iron

House of Healing:

  • Use Speak With Dead on Arabella’s parents.
  • Talk to Dr. Thorm.
  • Explore the library.
  • Explore the morgue.

The Waning Moon:

  • Get Madeline’s ledger.
  • Talk to the bartender.
  • At the backroom, there is a recipe that will mark a potion stash on your map.

Moonrise Tower:

  • Talk to the gnolls and chef.
  • Interact with the ogre on the ground floor.
  • Save the prisoners, gnomes, and tieflings.
  • Speak with Rolan, Alfira, and Bex.
  • Read notes and books in Balthazar’s room, solve the puzzle, get the Moon Lantern.

Gauntlet of Shar:

  • Talk to Balthazar in the west wing.
  • Complete all 3 trials.
  • Explore the library and solve the puzzle to get Dark Justiciar’s helm and Dark Justiciar’s armor.

Note that entering Shadowfell is the point of no return in Act 2, so you may want to do all there is before proceeding here. As with the Act 1 Checklist, we’d once again like to thank Reddit user FishBurger77 for their help in putting this list together. If you have any other things you think need to be added here, feel free to tell us about it in the comments.

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