Batman: Arkham Knight Batmobile Showcase Trailer

A new trailer is out for Batman: Arkham Knight, and it’s all about the Batmobile. Members of the team at Rocksteady answer fan questions and explain in detail how the vehicle will work.
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As a bonus, you get to see how the life-sized Batmobile replica looked at the MCM Comic Con.

Game director Sefton Hill talked a bit about the gadgets we can expect in the Batmobile. The car will be “an extension” of Batman, helping him fight, solve puzzles and travel. It will feature a grappling hook with a winch that can be used to pull on things, or electrocute someone. Missiles are a given, but what’s not are the wheels that can rotate 90 degrees and let the strafe. There will be an option to use EMP to temporarily disable drones and other mechanized opponents, as well as a virus canon that lets you take control of enemy units.

After that, senior designer Adam Jones and senior environment artist Jody Sargent take a stab at playing a Riddler Race, a type of Riddler’s Challenge we’ll see in Arkham Knight that involves racing around a track which constantly changes shape. Pressing a button causes platforms and obstacles to either extend or retract, forcing you to manage the track while driving on it at breakneck speeds. According to them, the key to winning will be learning how to drift and managing your boost.

Near the end of the video, they started answering fan’s questions. We’ve learned that costume changes will affect cutscenes and new game plus will be included. Batman: Arkham Knight will launch on June 23rd, on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC.

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