Gear Map locations for Witcher armor

The best armor & weapons in the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is not that easy to find and craft. First, you need to find diagrams and then collect different ingredients by defeating monsters or destroying items.
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It’s very tricky to discover diagrams by simply exploring an area. They are usually well hidden in some chests, deep inside caves, or in a hard to reach areas.

But, there are merchants scattered around the Witcher 3 world who sell gear maps. When you buy a map, this item will start the quest with marked locations for armor and weapons. For the first (basic) gear each piece is marked on the map, while for enhanced, superior and mastercrafted gear you will find 3 locations on the map. All armor diagrams are hidden at one location, and swords can be found at the remaining two locations.

Wolven School Maps – Notes by Hieronymus

  • Basic Gear – Given to you automatically once you buy and read any of the “Hieronymus’ notes on the Witcher Elgar”.
  • Enhanced Gear – Upgrade Diagrams No.1 (chest armor, boots, silver sword) sold by Hattori, the master blacksmith in Novigrad. You have to complete the quest “Of Swords and Dumplings” given by Hattori in order to be able to buy stuff like notes (maps) from him.
    Upgrade Diagrams No.2 (gauntlets, steel sword, trousers) sold by Blacksmith in Lindenvale, Velen.
  • Superior Gear – Upgrade Diagrams No.3 (chest armor, steel and silver sword) sold by Blacksmith in Kaer Muire, The Skellige Isles.
    Upgrade Diagrams No.4 (gauntlets, boots, trousers) sold by Armorer near Hierarch Square, Novigrad.
  • Mastercrafted gear – Upgrade Diagrams No.5 (steel sword, chest armor, silver sword) sold by Hattori the master blacksmith, Novigrad.
    Upgrade Diagrams No.6 (gauntlets, boots, trousers) sold by Armorer near Bridge to Kaer Trolde, The Skellige Isles.

Griffin School Maps – Edwin Greloff’s Maps

  • Basic and Enhanced gear – can be bought in Midcopse from Armourer.
  • Superior Gear – Hierarch Square in Novigrad
  • Mastercrafted gear – from elf vendor Hattory who gives you the quest Of Swords and Dumplings. You need to finish the quest in order to get the map

Cat School (Feline) Maps – Adalbert Kermith’s Maps

  • Basic and Enhanced gear – Vendor and blacksmith in Backbough
  • Superior gear – Crow’s Perch Vendor
  • Mastercrafted – Blacksmith in Lindenvale Blacksmith in Lindenvale

Bear School (Ursine) Maps – Ibrahim Savi’s Maps

  • Basic gear – Armourer in Oxenfurt
  • Enhanced, Superior and Mastercrafted gear – Armorer near Bridge to Kaer Trolde

We would like to thank minertoniner for map locations.
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