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In The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, there are obelisks called Places Of Power. When you visit these monuments for the first time, you’ll receive a skill point from each.
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In this guide, we’re going to provide the locations of all the places of power in Skellige Isles, the south-western region of the world.

Places Of Power in Skellige Isles

The Skellige Isles are an archipelago in the south-west, a self-contained area where you travel by boat. If you want to avoid misspending the ability points you earn here, take our skill calculator for a spin.

1.Faroe Islands30-minute boost to your Yrden sign.
Faroe is in the south-eastern part of Skellige Isles. This particular Place of Power can be found west of the Harviken fast travel point. This is a small hillside where people pray at a shrine.
2.Wild Shores30-minute boost to your Axii sign.
This one is found in the southwestern part of the largest Skellige Isle. If you follow the mountain path that connects Kaer Muire in the south with the Fornhala fast travel point in the north, you’ll come across this place of power. You’ll have to jump toward it, if you want to draw power from it.
3.Kaer Trolde30-minute boost to your Axii sign.
This place of power can be found in the largest bay of the main island. The closest fast travel point is called Crossroads. Head west from it. On a clear day you should notice the power stone near the shore, next to the large sunken ship.
4.Morskogen Forest30-minute boost to your Aard sign.
In the eastern part of the largest Skellige Isle, there is a large forest called Morskogen Forest. You’ll find the Druid’s Camp fast travel point here. The Aard Place of Power is just next to this tiny camp with a herbalist.
5.Cyclops cave30-minute boost to your Aard sign.
There is a road in the north-east of the largest Skellige Isle that is located close to the water. This road connects the Whale Graveyard fast travel point in the north and the Redgill fast travel point in the south. Somewhere in the middle of this path is a cave guarded by a lvl 30 Cyclops. You don’t have to defeat him in order to grab the ability point from the place of power, because he is too tall to enter through the small cave entrance. Enter the cave and climb to the first floor. What you are looking for is right there.
6.An Skellig30-minute boost to your Quen sign.
At the highest point of the island in northeastern Skellige. To reach this point, you’ll have to follow the road from Yngvar’s Fang Trail to the west. There are several dangerous creatures (level 16) at the start of this path. You’ll have to defeat them in order to continue jumping/climbing. The path will then take you downhill. Follow it through the ancient stone ruins toward the top. Be sure to check out the path that took us toward the place of power in the screenshot guide below.
7.Spikeroog30-minute boost to your Igni sign.
Go to Spikeroog isle, found in the northwestern part of The Skellige Isles. Follow the path from Svorlag to the west. Climb over the ruined house when you come to it. Follow the road further to the west. The Igni Place of Power is at the end of the path.
8.Kaer Trolde30-minute boost to your Quen sign.
This Place of Power is found in the basement of Kaer Trolde. Quest that takes you here is called “The King is Dead – Long Live the King”, objective Meet Yennefer at the entrance to Kaer Trolde keep. Once you complete this quest you are given two side quests: “Possession” and “The Lord of Undvik”. Completing this two gives you the final, Power of Place related quest “King’s Gambit”.

Within this quest you come to the objective where you have to kill three big bears in the large dining room. Cutscene following this objective gives you an option to either Help Cerys or Hjalmar. Helping Cerys takes you to the basement of the Kaer Trolde. This is where the Place of Power is located. Helping unlocks previously locked basement door. Within the quest objective “Follow Cerys through the tunnel” you come in contact with the Place of Power.

Note: It is highly unlikely this is the only way of reaching this Place of Power. Considering that Cerys unlocks the basement door leaves me in doubt that there is still some key to be found that unlocks the basement door. For now, we’ve found only this path that works.
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