Creature of the Night | Batman: Arkham Knight

Creature of the Night is one of many Most Wanted side missions in Batmam Arkham Knight. This is one of the shortest side missions, and the rewards for completing it are appropriate for its duration.
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The lore discovered in it is interesting and reveals a sad story.

Batman Arkham Knight Creature of the Night

Basic Information

  • This mission starts as you progress a bit further into the main story. You’ll know when it starts for sure – the antagonist will surprise you as you climb on a building. This unlocks during chapter 3, on Miagani Island.
  • The objectives are to track down this strange creature and learn its secret.
  • Capturing the creature later on is only possible once you have the side mission enabled. Then you have to find it. Fly around and search for the sounds it makes. You can also spot it from the distance in detective mode as a red flying creature.

Creature of the Night Rewards

  • 6 Upgrade Points.
  • Achievement/Trophy – “Scar of the Bat”
  • You can solve one of the Bleake Island riddles in the room where the second objective takes place.
  • Character trophies and bios for Man-Bat, Dr. Kirk and Francine Langstrom.

Obtain a blood sample from the winged creature for analysis

The creature will make contact first and once you are done cleaning your pants, you’ll have to find it. Get on a high building and use your detective mode. Listen for the specific, different sounds coming from this type of creature. Identify their source and head toward it. You don’t have to fly around every corner of the map to find it. It is noticeable even from a huge distance. As you spot the creature, you’ll have to fly over it and land almost on its back.

Search Dr. Kirk Langstrom’s lab

Dr. Kirk Langstrom’s lab is in northwestern Bleake Island. There is a small passage that shines brightly thanks to two powerful light bulbs on the ceiling. Enter the orange door in there and use the elevator. The lab is where you can complete the riddle “A bat uses these to see at night, the doc’s didn’t work and his cure caused a fright”.Go to the computer in the lab and use it to make a cure. In order to do so, you have to use your controller sticks to always keep the DNA sequence integrities positive (on O, not on X, once they change). Time to administer the cure.

Locate Man-Bat and administer the cure

This objective has to be done two times. You have to find the Man-Bat and administer the cure. You’ll know when you are able to find Man-Bat by the side mission circle. It shows that the mission is active and not crossed out.

Return Man-Bat to the GCPD Lockup

The second time you administer the cure, you’ll overcome the creature and take it to the GCPD. This is where the mission ends and you get the credits for it.

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