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Gotham on Fire is one of the most wanted side missions in Batman: Arkham Knight. It leads to the arrest of Garfield Lynns a.k.a. Firefly, a dangeous pyromaniac intent on burning Gotham to the ground. In this guide, we’re going to show you where to find and how to catch Firefly, as well as what you get for doing it.

Basic Information

First, you need to find a burning fire station and use Batmobile’s winch to turn on the extinguishers. Then, you’ll have to chase Firefly around the city – he’s very fast, but has a finite amount of fuel. You’ll also have to dodge napalm traps he sets during the chase. They deal a lot of damage. Once his gas tank is empty (the yellow meter on the right), you can jump out of the Batmobile and beat him up. After that, he’ll disappear for a while. Do this three times and you’ll get to lock him up.

Gotham on Fire Rewards

  • 7 WayneTech points
  • Firefly character showcase
  • Days of Fire achievement/trophy

Burning Fire Stations

There are three fire stations Firefly targets – one on each island. When you see the mission isn’t crossed out on the side mission wheel, that means you can look for him at these places. Cauldron Fire Station is on Bleake Island, on the coast northwest of the GCPD. Bristol Fire Station is on Miagani Island, across the road from the Newton Fairgrounds. Finally, Otisburg Fire Station can be found on Founders’ Island, east of Cobblepot Manor.
Each of the stations has a unique route – if you fail to catch him, he’ll use the same route next time (if he’s at that station). You’d best drive carefully, trying to avoid collisions as much as possible. He’ll run out of gas and slow down every time, all you have to do is be there when it happens.

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