Lamb to the Slaughter | Batman: Arkham Knight

Lamb to the Slaughter is the last most wanted side mission you’ll unlock in Batman Arkham Knight. You can start it at the beginning of chapter 9, after you are done with the events in the Arkham Knight HQ.
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This is a rather short mission. The reward is not that large, but the feeling that this is the last most wanted side mission gives it some sentimental value.

Batman Arkham Knight Lamb to the Slaughter

Basic Information

  • Along with the “Friend in Need”, this is the shortest most wanted side mission.
  • This story involves Jack Ryder, a journalist that you might have already seen in GCPD, in the Interview Room.
  • There are two objectives. The second one has a time limit of 2 minutes. They all take place in the vicinity of GCPD on Bleake Island.

Lamb to the Slaughter Rewards

  • 3 Upgrade Points.
  • Achievement/Trophy – The Cult.
  • Deacon Blackfire Character Info & Trophies.
  • New AR Challenge David and Goliath

Where to find and start the last Most Wanted Side Mission?

Once you complete the events that take place in the Arkham Knight HQ, head to the GCPD interview room, located in the northern part of the building. In there, where you could previously meet Jack Ryder working on some big case that will make him famous, you’ll find an empty chair. Go to the table and play the tape from the recorder. This is where the “Lamb to the Slaughter”, the last most wanted mission, starts.

Investigate the Lady of Gotham and bring Jack Ryder to safety

The next stop is just west from the GCPD building, on a lonely island with the largest statue in the city – Lady of Gotham. You can find a group of people here, facing two men in a cage. In order to save the one inside this cage from being killed, you’ll have to engage in combat with 25 of the ones in front.As you come close, after a short cutscene, a 2 minute timer will start ticking and the metal fence around you will get electrified. Use this to defeat 25 Thugs, then turn off the 4 power generators and grapple to the cage. All these actions have to be done in only 2 minutes. The mission ends once you enter the cage.
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