Occupy Gotham Side Mission | Batman: Arkham Knight

Occupy Gotham is one of the three most wanted side missions that lead to a fight with Deathstroke in Batman: Arkham Knight. In it, you’ll be tasked with destroying more than twenty militia watchtowers on the three islands.
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When you complete the task, you’ll unlock the Gates of Gotham trophy/achievement. In this guide, we’re going to help you find and neutralize those watchtowers and finish the Occupy Gotham side mission.

Basic Information

You’ll have no trouble recognizing the watchtowers – they’re adorned with red flags and banners, with red lights beaming into the distance. When you do, your goal will be to destroy a computer somewhere in the area. To do this, you’ll have to fight the troops guarding it first. Sometimes that will involve straight up combat, other times it will be akin to a Predator challenge. The rewards include:
  • 23 WayneTech points
  • Gates of Gotham trophy/achievement

Bleake Island Militia Watchtowers

There is no order to this list – you can tackle the watchtowers any way you like. Some are better guarded than others, but none are too hard.

Miagani Island Militia Watchtowers

You may want to upgrade your armor to give you better protection from bullets. Use quick gadgets whenever you can, to freeze or stun your enemies.

Founders’ Island Militia Watchtowers

The last island is also the busiest. Use smoke pellets and the disruptor to battle enemies with guns.
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