How to Play Miko | Battleborn

Miko is one of the heroes in Battleborn. He is an Eldrid mushroom man.
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Armed with weak poison kunais and a healing ray, Miko is the designated healer. If you like having a supporting role, this is the character for you. This guide will show you how to play Miko in Battleborne, how to be a good healer.

battleborn miko guide

Miko Tips

Miko doesn’t do a whole lot of damage, but that’s OK – this hero is meant to keep others alive, not dish out justice. Here’s how we suggest you approach playing Miko:
  • Develop your helix according to your play style – if you’re healing more directly, than that’s what you should focus on upgrading. Ignore the kunai upgrades completely.
  • Concentrate on shooting the healing beam at all times. There will always be someone in need of healing.
  • Don’t “pocket” – heal the whole team instead of sticking to one member.
  • If someone rushes blindly into a mass of enemies, pull out. Stop healing and leave them. The team cannot afford to lose a doctor (probably the only one).
  • Biosynthesis is great for getting out of a tight spot. It will heal you and increase the effectiveness of your healing beam.
  • Cloud of Spores does damage and slows enemies down, which makes it great for retreats. Keep it ready if you’re pushing into enemy territory. If you’re holding position, shoot it as soon as it’s ready.
  • Fungus Among Us lets you drop a mushroom on the ground, which heals all allies in a radius. Enemies can destroy it, so try to place it in areas where it’s hard to hit (behind stuff, for example).
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