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battleborn legendary gear

How To Unlock Legendary Gear

Battleborn Legendary Gear is equipment specific to certain characters. Each piece of this gear can only be used by the character it was designed for,…

battleborn miko guide

How to Play Miko

Miko is one of the heroes in Battleborn. He is an Eldrid mushroom man. Armed with weak poison kunais and a healing ray, Miko is…

how to play boldur battleborn

How to Play Boldur

Boldur is one of the 25 characters in Battleborn. He’s an Eldrid drawf who acts as a tank. He uses a shield and axe, which…

battleborn character unlocking guide

How to Unlock Characters

There are 25 characters in Battleborn. Not all of these heroes are available from the start – you’ll have to unlock most of them. You…