How to Play Boldur | Battleborn

Boldur is one of the 25 characters in Battleborn. He’s an Eldrid drawf who acts as a tank.
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He uses a shield and axe, which makes him perfect for close quarter combat, but ill suited for ranged fighting. This guide will show you how to play Boldur in Battleborn.

how to play boldur battleborn

Boldur Tips

Boldur is tough, but does little damage (at least early on). He’s one of the tougher characters to use. Here’s what we recommend doing when you play as him:
  • Experiment with Helix distribution. We recommend going for stuff that increases your damage and allows you to use the axe more.
  • The early part of a match/mission is the hardest – you won’t be doing much damage, so keep close to your team, so they can do it for you. Shield them from harm and volunteer to take a beating in place of less meaty heroes.
  • Your break starts when you unlock Runes of Power. It will heal you when you block and increase your axe damage. Your whole strategy should revolve around keeping this abilitiy active as long as possible.
  • Runes of Power is interrupted when you use Axe Toss or Boldurdash. Avoid using them unless the Runes cooldown is over, when you can.
  • Axe Toss does a lot of damage, but it will leave you fighting with your bare hands. Use only in emergencies.
  • Boldurdash makes you jump into a crowd of enemies and knock them back (explode, too, if Runes of Power is active). Apart from the damage it does, it can be used to push enemies into dangerous situations.
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