How to Unlock Characters | Battleborn

There are 25 characters in Battleborn. Not all of these heroes are available from the start – you’ll have to unlock most of them.
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You can either get them by reaching a specific Command Rank, or by performing a certain task. This guide will show you how to unlock characters in Battleborn, either through leveling up your command rank or performing tasks.

battleborn character unlocking guide

Battleborn Hero Unlocks

The alternative unlock options are there for people who don’t want to wait for their command rank to rise high enough. Instead of waiting to hit 34, you can play through the story missions and after Heliophage, you’ll get Melka.

NameRank RequirementAlternative unlock
Shayne & ArouxCommand Rank 6Complete 5 coop missions or matches with at least one player
ReynaCommand Rank 8Get 50 assists in Versus matches
BenedictCommand Rank 10Win 5 matches as a Peacekeeper
GalileaCommand Rank 12Kill 800 minions
AmbraCommand Rank 14Win 5 matches as a Jennerit
Whiskey FoxtrotCommand Rank 16Win 15 matches
KelvinCommand Rank 18Win 5 matches as an Eldrid
El DragonCommand Rank 20Win 5 matches as an LLC
PhoebeCommand Rank 22Kill 50 enemy players
TobyCommand Rank 24Win 5 matches as a Rogue
BoldurCommand Rank 26Complete mission The Experiment
CaldariusCommand Rank 28Complete mission The Renegade
ISICCommand Rank 30Complete mission The Algorithm
AttikusCommand Rank 32Kill 800 Jennerit enemies
MelkaCommand Rank 34Complete mission The Heliophage
KleeseCommand Rank 36Earn a Silver rating on every mission
DeandeCommand Rank 38Complete mission The Heliophage on advanced difficulty
GhaltCommander Rank 40Earn a Silver rating on every mission on advanced difficulty