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Aggressive recon is a Battlefield 1 play style utilized by the scout class. It became popular in previous games, but it is as useful now as it was then.
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Playing the aggressive recon requires a certain level of skill and accuracy to be effective on the battlefield. You’ll need to be quick and precise, but it will pay off. This style is very fun to use, and if played correctly, you can easily devastate the enemy team singlehandedly. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to play aggressive recon in Battlefield 1.

aggressive recon battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 Aggresive Scout

  • Use a sniper rifle with a high rate of fire and lower magnification. You job is to always stay active and support your team. Don’t camp in one spot, always be near the objectives.
  • Always aim for the head. Your sniper rifle will one-shot enemies at any range if you shoot them in the head. If you land one body shot and the enemy is not dead, quickly switch to your sidearm and finish them off.
  • Handgun selection is very important. Experiment with different side arms until you have found the perfect one, since side arms will be very important at close range engagements.
  • Learn the stats of your rifle. Get to know the reload time, damage sweet spot, bullet drop, and bullet velocity.
  • You will basically play scout as you would play the assault class. Get in the heart of the battle and stay active.
  • Be patient and pick your battles. Your sniper rifle has a slow reload time. Only take effective shots and don’t spam the fire button.
  • Flank your enemies. Use your minimap to detect marked enemies.
  • Back off if necessary. If you see that you are outnumbered, retreat, find a better spot and engage again.
  • Change your sensitivity to a value that suits you the most. Experiment with higher and lower values until you find one that works best.
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