Best Sniper Rifle in Battlefield 1

If you’re playing the scout class in Battlefield 1, it’s absolutely essential you have the best sniper rifle possible. All of the ones you can use vary wildly in their performance, although they’re all great.
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Which one you choose should depend mostly on your play style, but in the end, only one can be called “the best”. In this guide, we’re going to show you the best sniper rifle in Battlefield 1 and tell you why we think it’s so good.

best sniper rifle SMLE MK3 battlefield 1
In our opinion, the best one is the SMLE MKIII Marksman. Comparing it to the other sniper rifles, the sweet spot of 100 damage starts at 40 meters and goes all the way to 75. Only then does it start to slowly drop. The start of the sweet spot is earlier than with most other rifles. That range, from 40 to 75 meters, is the most common engagement range for the scout class, and in many situations you will be able to kill your enemies with one body shot.

SMLE MKIII Marksman vs Martini Henry Infantry

Why is it better that the Martini-Henry Infantry? Martini-Henry’s sweet spot starts earlier, at 30 meters, but it has one major flaw.

Each round needs to be reloaded separately, so you will need to wait 2,5 seconds between each shot. Keep in mind that SMLE MK3 has 10 rounds in the magazine and fires 52 rounds per minute. That’s almost one shot per second. While using the Martini, you can’t use a scope, so it could be a bit tricky to aim until you get the feel for it.

The Martini has a bullet velocity of only 440 meters per second, which is very slow. While engaging a moving target at long range, you will have to anticipate their movement and shoot in front of them. The SMLE MKIII fires at 740 meters per second, which is much faster and more accurate. The truth is that the Martini looks and sounds amazing, and you should definitely try it out if you haven’t.

We tested all the sniper rifles and their stats, and the SMLE MKIII Marksman slightly outperformed the other rifles because of the sweet spot. Test out all the sniper rifles and always use the one that you feel the most comfortable with. Different sniper rifles work better at different ranges, and we have chosen the SMLE because of the 45 to 75 meters sweet spot and 10 round magazine.

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  1. T

    Ive only used the SMLE MKlll Marksman (you get that one in the beginning) and it’s fucking bad. Never get one shot. It shoots very slow. What the hell, sniping is so bad in comparison to the rest!

    1. K

      You need to get in the sweet spot to get 100 damage with SMLE. The sweet spot starts at 40 meters and ends at 75 meters. Use flags and objectives for better orientation. Also headshots will grant you instant kills. That 40 to 75 meters sweet spot is most commonly used range for sniper rifles and you have a 10 round magazine.

      1. J

        the SMLE’s major flaw is the maxxed out 4x scope. Its fine for smalled games like team deathmatch and domination but for conquest where most of my snipes are 100-250 meters the m1030(something like that name) or the russian are mech better for the 10x scope

    2. P

      ive gotten minimum hundred kills using it the only reason u havnet is cause this isnt call of duty

  2. R
    Robert Currie

    ^^^^ but tbe sounds of it you just suck . i over zoom with the 10x more then i dont i hit 200 meter headshotz with that 4x all day

    1. L

      It definitely takes practice. I have gotten 300+ m headshots with the SMLE MKIII Marksman, but it takes work.

  3. R

    I am by no means the best player in the world but the key to successful snipping is distance and power therefore the 1906 is the best scout rifle to use otherwise you are not a sniper you are a marksman and just looking for glory you need to protect your team not run in as a lone wolf

  4. P

    i like the russian sniper as it is truly amazing and i found it stronger than the SMLE MKIII MARKSMAN

  5. T

    I personally prefer the Gewher 98 (NOT THE M.95) Sniper, it has a great 100 damage sweet spot, a high velocity, and a solid bolt speed. As far as infantry rifles go, the Ross is my favourite.

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