Battlefield 1 Funny Records

Many funny records have been broken since the launch of Battlefield 1. It had some great records in sales, but also in some other, much funnier categories. Dice calculated different numbers of roadkills, pigeons released, average number of weather changes and many more. Let’s analyze them one by one.

Battlefield 1 Funny Records
  • In the first week since the launch of Battlefield 1, players have played over 59 million hours of gameplay. That is a really impressive number, and it will only increase each day for many years to come. It’s not a surprise at all, since Battlefield 1 is a well-rounded multiplayer shooter with some great features.
  • 9 million hours were spent in Operations mode only. Operations mode is a very interesting new game mode implemented in Battlefield 1. It is a mixture of Conquest and Rush, and one match could last for hours. Each of the operations also has a bit of historical backstory for each side.
  • 32 million of battlepacks earned. Battlepacks have changed from Battlefield 4. They now provide players with different types of weapon skins. The fastest way to earn battlepacks is to play shorter game modes such as Domination, since on average every third game will grant you one battlepack.
  • 1,6 million Behemoths Deployed. Behemoths are powerful vehicles that can inflict massive damage to the enemy team in many ways.
  • Most melee kills were inflicted with the scout knife. Obviously, it is a favorite for many players.
  • Flame Troopers, Anti vehicle and Sentries took out 123 084 horses. This is not a surprise since all battle pickups are very powerful.
    Roadkills per vehicle type:
  • Horses 5 813 817
  • Tanks 5 511 601
  • Ground vehicles 1 667 353
  • Planes 330 477

The only thing that surprises the most are the plane road kills. How did players manage to get that many road kills with airplanes? Only in Battlefield.
  • 842 426 Pigeons were sent in War Pigeons game mode.
  • There were 2 weather changes per game on average.
Those are some really impressive numbers. Maybe we will see some records broken during the Battlefest.

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