Hardcore Servers are Live in Battlefield 1

Hardcore servers for Battlefield 1 are live. Visit your server browser and search for your preferred game mode and maps in hardcore mode.
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Hardcore servers went live on Wednesday, November 16th – 12:00 UTC / 04:00 AM PT for PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4 users.

Hardcore Servers are Live Battlefield 1Hardcore servers are much different than the standard ones. In general, they are a bit harder to play and they require a certain level of skill to play efficiently.

Hardcore mode features

  • No elite classes
  • No minimap spotting
  • Name tags are disabled
  • HUD is disabled
  • 3D spotting is disabled
  • Friendly fire is on
  • Kill Cam is disabled
  • Health does not regenerate
  • Third person vehicle camera is disabled
  • Bullets do much higher damage
As you can see from the above, there is a huge difference in gameplay. Hardcore mode was very popular back in the previous games, and it will most certainly continue that trend in Battlefield 1. Good team play and communication are very important in this kind of game mode. There is no kill cam or third person vehicle camera so the only way to tell your teammates where the enemies are is by communicating directly. Keep in mind that sniper rifles will kill you in one shot, since the damage is increased for all weapons available. Also make sure that you don’t shoot your teammates, since friendly fire is enabled. The hip fire aiming reticule is not available, so try to avoid hip fire if possible. Health regeneration is also disabled, so make sure that you heal yourself and your teammates.

Hardcore mode is both very fun and challenging to play, making the game feel a bit more realistic than before.Make sure you check out our other guides and news about Battlefield 1.

Let us know in the comment section, what are your impressions about Hardcore mode in Battlefield 1 and do you enjoy playing it?

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