FFXV 72 hours long boss fight

Final Fantasy is a franchise known for long and tiring boss fights, but we didn’t expect that one will last for 3 straight days! So Final Fantasy XV players, get ready for 72 hours long boss fight!
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Of course, this was all part of the joke that was featured in the latest edition of “Clueless Gamer”, a review of the game by American comedian Conan O’Brien. Conan had the opportunity to play this title and his co-host in this mission was non other than Elijah Wood (best known as Frodo Baggins from the Lord Of the Rings trilogy).

Check out the whole review below as it is genuinely funny and stays true to the name “clueless” in the title.

Conan reviews Final Fantasy XV

Conan is well known for his comedic act over the last couple of decades, but he also made a twist to his Late Night Show by adding a segment called Clueless Gamer. From then he received a large feedback from the younger audience, as he decided to play most of the triple A titles in the last couple of years.

Final Fantasy XV was no exception to that, so while he reviewed it, he had some hilarious comments about the game, the characters and the world itself. He mentioned that Noctis and his friends “look kind of like a boy band” and that there is “nothing like running in a desert wearing leather“. He also addressed the part when the gang was pushing a car with a hilarious comment that they “were just sent on a magical journey, and now we’re pushing the car to Las Vegas!?!? Why is this a game?”.

Sleeping mountain boss fight

In one moment he encounters the Sleeping Mountain and while he is fighting and running away from it, his sidekick adds a comment that the real fight with it will last for 72 hours straight. His reaction was, of course, priceless. Final Fantasy XV is expected to be a long game, but honestly, what would your reaction be if you had to play through the 3 day long boss fight?

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    matt fahringer

    see this is what happens when a non gamer (Conan) reviews video games. when that happens people tend to believe what they say. to be clear the boss takes only an hour at max level. longer if your lower leveled. the 72hr thing is IN GAME TIME only. now as for me i managed to beat him during my new game + play through when i was around the mid 60s. he gave me over 50k in xp and by the time i had rested i had bumped up to around lvl 70-71.

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