Battlefield 1 Rental Server Issues

DICE and EA are offering the possibility of Renting A Server in Battlefield 1. As the name says, it gives players the opportunity to play the multiplayer game of Battlefield on their own terms, creating the perfect playground for the player and his friends (or everyone who decides to join the server). However, there are some Rental server errors that may occur while you are using this Rental Server Program.

The list of the features missing from the Rental Server Program is very long, as some players have compared it to the beta version. We are bringing you some of the key features that are missing from RSP, so you can see and decide for yourself if the Rent A Server is a good option for you and your friends.

battlefield 1 server rent problem

Rental server problems in Battlefield 1

  • The first on the list of rentable servers problems is that is possible to add only 6 maps in the map rotation
  • A banned player list does not exist.
  • You can’t disable “skill-based” auto balance of the teams.
  • You can’t see a list of players in your server. For that to be possible, you have to be in the game.
  • You can’t remove a specific weapon from the game. Whole types of weapons can be removed. Gadgets also can not be removed
  • You can not remove the Behemoth or change its spawn rules (although you can choose to remove “Land vehicles list” and “Air vehicles list”
  • There is no possibility to reserve slots for yourself, admins, or VIPs.
  • There is no option to set anyone as an admin of the server.
  • You have no admin privileges, even though you rented the server.
The list goes on, and you can see and join the full discussion on the official Battlefield forums. With this list in mind, players are discussing if the Rental Server Program is actually worth the investment or time.

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