Battlefield 1 Horses - How they work

Battlefield 1 Horses are a new addition to the series. They’re basically a vehicle, but they act differently than any other form of transportation. You’ll get a unique loadout when you mount a horse, and your strategy should change accordingly. Getting a grip on the whole thing can be a bit hard, but once you’ve mastered it, it will be a great way to help your team. In this guide, we’re going to show you how horses work in Battlefield 1, to help you become a beter rider.

battlefield 1 horses

How horses work in Battlefield 1

In many ways, horses are just like any other vehicle. They have their unique traits, but the gist of it is that riding a horse isn’t too different than driving a tank. When you mount a horse, you’ll lose access to your usual loadout. Instead, you’ll get a bolt action rifle and a saber. The rifle is good at long range, while the saber is extremely useful in close quarters.

Getting the horse into a gallop is great for crossing long distances, but it will stop your from reloading and aiming properly. You’ll need to slow down if you want to land a shot. Since they’re fairly large and unarmored (unlike the other vehicles), you’ll have to make good use of cover if you want to keep your horsie alive. They do have a bunch of health, so don’t expect them to drop from a couple of bullets.

Your steed can also jump, which is all kinds of great. The trick is learning which obstacles are too high to jump over and which ones aren’t. Riding a horse allows you to throw ammo and medkits to your players, so you can be a moving supply station. You’ll have less options than the infantry support and medic, but you’ll move considerably faster.

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