Battlefield 1 Tips & Tricks

Battlefield 1 is already out for some. Playing casually can be great fun, but if you invest enough time, you’re going to hit a skill ceiling.
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If you want to get as good as you can, you’re probably going to need some help. We’ve written down a bunch of tips & tricks for Battlefield 1 that will help you take your game to the next level.

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Battlefield 1 Pro Tips

Here are some tips and tricks:
  • Master your weapons, because each weapon acts differently. Test each one of them until you have found the perfect match for each map and game mode. Use weapons with high rate of fire on maps with a lot of close quarter engagements to maximize yoour efficiency and time to kill. On the other hand, use more accurate weapons with higher bullet velocity for long range engagements on huge, open maps. Pick your fights and engagements carefully for maximum efficiency.
  • Learn the recoil pattern of your favorite weapon. Each one handles differently, but it can be very useful to master. Enter an empty server and start shooting a wall to see the recoil pattern. Some weapons kick more to the right side, while others kick horizontally. Also, try shooting while crouching, going prone and running – there will be a huge difference.
  • Change your sensitivity in the options menu, it will make a huge difference in your aim.
  • Use a headset if possible. You will be able to determine the enemy’s positions and movement just by listening carefully.
  • Always spot your enemies. Even if you can shoot them, spot them from your teammates first. The spotted player or vehicle will be shown on the mini map.
  • Communication between players is very important. Join a clan and use the microphone for communication. There are plenty of clans that are recruiting players from all around the world, plus you will meet players with different play styles.
  • Play for the objective and play for the win. Play your role responsibly. If you are playing assault, hunt down every tank and vehicle and take them down with your explosives. If you are playing support, always resupply your teammates and suppress your enemies. Medics will revive, heal and repair vehicles while scouts will mark and kill enemies at long range.
  • Pick your battles and don’t rush. If you are in a bad position and can’t see your enemies, or you are overrun, retreat and come back from a better position. Don’t waste your life if you see that you cannot win.
  • Use the pre-fire method. If you suspect that there are enemies nearby, start shooting before you leave cover and move. You will gain a huge advantage.
  • Always be ready to use your sidearm. If you are left with no bullets in a fire fight, quickly switch to your sidearm to finish off your enemy. It’s much faster than reloading.
  • Know when to reload and get to know a weapon’s reload time. Try to stay in cover while reloading. Avoid reloading in open areas and while on the run. Different weapons have different reload time – if you are caught unprepared, use your sidearm.
  • Change your user interface in the menu. You can change many aspects of your UI, such as crosshair color, hit indicators and more.
  • Always be in a squad. If you are a leader of a squad, don’t forget to issue orders. If you don’t like your squad, change to another one.
  • Learn the map layout. This one will come naturally as you play – study places of engagements and pickup weapon locations.
  • Learn the spawn spots on each map. This one can be very useful, especially when defending a flag on Conquest, as you will know which direction the enemy might come from.
  • Constantly check your mini map for marked players and vehicles and you will always be aware of the situation around you.
  • At the beginning of a Conquest match, don’t stop for the first flag. Only one player is necessary to capture the flag. Always make a run for the farther ones, especially if you are in a fast vehicle or on a horse. Take the lead in the first minutes of the match.
  • When you have taken a heavily contested flag on Conquest, don’t always run for the next one. Stay on it and prepare yourself for the counterattack.
  • When shooting at a player riding a horse, try to aim higher and hit the player, since the horse has a lot of health.
  • Always aim for the head. You probably knew that but it is worth repeating. Weapons deal extra headshot damage.
  • Have fun.
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