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Ranking up classes in Battlefield 1 can be a bit slow. The amount of experience points needed to advance is very high, and if you’re not playing optimally, the amount you get for every match is somewhat low.
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There are ways to rank up faster, mind you. Following this advice will unlock different weapons and gadgets, as well as help your team win the game. There are multiple methods of earning points fast and climb the leaderboard up to the first place. In this guide, we’re going to show you the best ways to level up classes fast in Battlefield 1.

rank up classes fast battlefield 1

How to level up classes fast in Battlefield 1

  • Always play the objective of your game mode. If you are playing Conquest, for example, go for the enemy’s flags and protect yours. Capturing the objective will earn you a lot of points. Getting kills around objectives will also earn you bonus points.
  • Being a squad leader can earn you a lot of extra points. Assign attacking and defending orders to your squad mates. Completing orders will grant you and your squad mates extra points.
  • Make use of all your gadgets. Don’t forget to use your mortars, trip mines and all types of grenades for more efficient kills.
  • Spot your enemies constantly. Even if you can’t shoot them, try to spot them for your teammates. You will get the spot bonus point if they are killed by a teammate.
  • If you are playing the assault class, make use of your anti vehicle weapons. Use your AT rocket gun, dynamites and anti tank grenades to destroy enemy vehicles efficiently. Keep in mind that these weapons are also very useful against infantry.
  • While playing the medic class, always heal and revive. Place your med kits on strategic positions all the time, even when your teammates are at full health. With this method, you can earn a lot of points in one long match.
  • If you are playing the support class, constantly resupply your teammates. Same as with the medic, place your ammo crates around the map for your teammates to pick up.
  • Since the snipers have the ability to one-shot enemies, make use of your accuracy for some easy kills with sniper rifles.
If you have any advice of your own to share, please do so in the comments.

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