Agony Hardest Difficulty Mode Revealed In New Trailer

The developers of Agony have released a new trailer for the game, highlighting the Agony Mode. It seems that this will be some sort of ultra-hard mode. The video mentions “one life, endless torment”, perhaps indicating that one death will mean that you have to start over. This mode will also give you quests to complete, and the trailer also hints at competing with other players in some way.

Agony Hardest Difficulty Mode Revealed In New Trailer
Agony Hardest Difficulty Mode Revealed In New Trailer

Agony is still doing its darndest to sell itself as one of the most violent and shocking horror games to come out. And, to dial up the brutality, it seems that the game will feature an unforgiving difficulty mode, appropriately named Agony Mode. The developers have revealed the mode in a new trailer .

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The trailer for the Agony Mode promises “one life, endless torment”. Presumably, that means that this mode turns Agony into some sort of rogue-like, where a single death will send you right to the start. This mode will also give you quests to solve, such as killing a certain number of demons or examining a number of paintings; nothing too fancy. Also, the trailer mentions competing with other players. I hope it’s a Battle Royale mode. Can you imagine a hundred players running around “in a procedurally generated Hell” like in Fortnite? It’d be hilarious.

Personally, from everything I’ve seen of Agony so far, I’m less than enthused. It seems to me that the game is trying way too hard to be “The Game” of the generation. You know, that game that gets panties in bunches and gets news pundits talking about the evils of video games, like Mortal Kombat and GTA did back in the day. I still want to give it the benefit of a doubt; we’ll see where we stand when the game launches on May 29th. In the meantime, you can check out the Agony Mode trailer below.

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