Biomutant Bio Nucleus 6D Complete Area - Bioblob Container Location

Bioblob containers in Biomutant are tanks full of toxic, green slime, and opening them rewards you with extra Bio Points to level up your skills. In the Bio Nucleus 6D area, there are three such containers that you can find and open, among a ton of other collectibles that you can find. Given the importance of these items, we’ve put together our Biomutant Bio Nucleus 6D Complete Area – Bioblob Container Location guide to help you figure out where to find them all, as well as all the other collectibles.

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biomutant bio nucleus 6d complete area bioblob container location
Biomutant Bio Nucleus 6D Complete Area – Bioblob Container Location

How to Get Bioblob Containers in Biomutant Bio Nucleus 6D

To get the Bioblob Containers in the Bio Nucleus 6D area in Biomutant, there are three locations you’ll have to visit. The first and easiest one is in the bunker north of the cooling tower of the nuclear plant. Pry the doors open and go down the stairs. Once on the lower level, head to the right to find the container full of bubbling, toxic-green liquid. Interact with it to get the Bio Point inside.

how to get bioblob container bio nucleus 6d biomutant
Bioblob location #1

The second Bioblob Container is in the rectangular building to the southwest of the cooling tower. However, the problem is that it’s up on the catwalk, which is a little complicated to reach. You need to go to where the catwalk ends, jump on the white containers, then jump of the wall and onto the higher level. You can also kinda wall-hack your way up there via the broken wall right next to where the container is, but that’s not easy to do.

bioblob container locations bio nucles 6d biomutant
Bioblob location #2

Lastly, there’s the Bioblob Container in Biomutant Bio Nucleus 6D in the rectangular building to the west of the cooling tower. The first step is to clamber onto the catwalk above, the same way as it works in the example above. Once you’re there, you have to solve the puzzles with the valves (if you have the Intelligence score to access it in the first place). After you do, go down and drop into the middle pool where the toxic waste used to be. The canister is there for the taking.

where to find bio nucleus 6d bioblob container locations
Bioblob location #3

Bio Nucleus 6D Resource Totem Locations

There’s a total of six Biomutant resource totems that you can find across the Bio Nucleus 6D area. They are all out in the open, and you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding them. None of them are secreted away in any hard-to-reach corners like some of the containers above or anything. Just use the image below to see exactly where they are. As you probably already know, these totems are tall piles of tires, metal scraps, or other useful stuff that you can use. Just smack them with your melee attacks to get all the resources.

bio nucleus 6d resource totem locations biomutant
Resource totem locations

Where to Find Superb Loot in Biomutant Bio Nucleus 6D

The find the superb loot in Biomutant Bio Nucleus 6D, you have to visit two locations. The first one is actually underground. Go into the bunker north of the cooling tower and head down. Walk through the tunnel, and as soon as you drop into the more open room, look in the left corner to spot the glowing locker. The second location is a large, yellow shipping crate in the parking lot southwest of the cooling tower. They aren’t too difficult to find, especially if you’re going through with a fine-tooth comb. If you’re having trouble still, the map below should help you out.

where to find bio nucleus 6d superb loot
Superb Loot locations

Biomutant Old World Gadget Locations Bio Nucleus 6D

There are two Old World Gadget locations in Bio Nucleus 6D in Biomutant, but unfortunately, we’ve found only one at the moment. It’s a radio that you can find in the rectangular building southwest of the cooling tower on the map. Don’t worry, you won’t have to do any clunky platforming this time, like you did with the bioblob tanks. Instead, you just have to find the white containers between the second and third pool of sludge. The radio is on said white container, and just solve the little puzzle by twiddling the dials. It’s no big problem, honestly. If you know where to find the second gadget in this area, let us know in the comments below.

old world gadget where to find biomutant
Old World Gadget locations

Where to Find Biomutant Mutation Spot & Underground Area in Bio Nucleus 6D

To find the underground area and mutation spot in Bio Nucleus 6D in Biomutant, you pretty much just have to follow the main quest. Basically, just go into the round bunker north of the cooling tower on the map. Yes, the same one where you find one of the bioblob containers and the shiny locker. Walk all the way until you drop into a large, round, arena-like area with a huge pool of bubbling green sludge. As soon as you drop in, the game will cross over the underground area part. The pool of toxic waste is the mutation spot, but as you approach it, an enormous boss monster will jump out, so be ready for battle.

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  1. J

    The second Old World Gadget is in the rectangular building left of the fast travel point. In the rafters of the building. Iv had an issue with this one as going to the device wouldn’t prompt me to interact with it so for now it’s bugged for me.

    1. D

      I think that one needs a specific intelligence value to interact with. Even i can’t seem to access that.

  2. S

    The resource totem map is wrong, the two you have marked on the far right are outside the zone and niether count toward area completion

  3. S

    The second device is the valve at the pipes you need to get the bioblob container

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