Biomutant Bricktown Superb Loot Old World Gadget Locations

Old World Gadgets and Superb Loot in Bricktown are Biomutant collectibles that you can collect. They include a microwave, a washing machine, a toilet, and a very specific file cabinet. The are all over the town and, more importantly, the Gadgets require you to solve mini-puzzles in order to “collect” them. To make things worse, all of these are in relatively hidden places, require you to look very carefully. In our Biomutant Bricktown Superb Loot Old World Gadget Locations guide, we’ll show you where to find all these collectibles, as well as how to solve the puzzles.

biomutant bricktown superb loot old world gadget locations
Biomutant Bricktown Superb Loot Old World Gadget Locations

Where to Find Bricktown Old World Gadget & Superb Loot Locations in Biomutant

To find the Bricktown Old World Gadget and Superb Loot collectible locations in Biomutant, there are four locations you have to visit. The first one is in the northeast of the “city”, inside a laundromat that’s at street-level. Interact with one of the washing machines, and you’ll have to solve a puzzle by spinning the dials. You can see the location and solution to the puzzle below. The entrance to the second place is opposite the notice board underground, in the “elbow” of the city. Go through the building until you reach the stairs leading up, and look opposite them. There, you’ll spot a door that leads into a toilet. Interact with the toilet bowl, spin the valves to match the colors (see solution below), and you’re done.

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The third Old World Gadget and Superb Loot locations in Bricktown in Biomutant are, in fact, very close together. As you can see on the map, the city kind of goes at an angle. In that angle (the aforementioned “elbow”), you’ll find two stores, one next to the other. The one on the right has a cow logo, and the one on the left looks like a blue hat. First of, go into the “cow” one, head up the stairs, and you’ll find yourself in the kitchen. Interact with the microwave and turn the dials to solve the puzzle. Lastly, go back outside, and go into the store on the left, the one with the “blue hat.” Go behind the counter and open the file cabinet that’s glowing gold. Boom, you’re done, as far as these collectibles go.

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