Destroy the Boomhut in Biomutant

Destroy the Boomhut in Biomutant is one of the steps is one of the steps you’ll have to go through while attempting to capture rival outposts, and sometimes you’ll have to sabotage the Boomhuts. These systems work slightly differently, but you’ll probably run into both of them, depending on which tribe you decide to side with. That’s why, in our Destroy the Boomhut in Biomutant guide, we’ll show you both how to destroy them and how to sabotage them, just in case.

destroy the boomhut in biomutant
Destroy the Boomhut in Biomutant

How to Destroy Biomutant Boomhut

To destroy the Boomhut in Biomutant, you need to hit one of the grenades it shoots at you back into its “bunker.” You can technically do this using bullets, but that’s very imprecise. Instead, we recommend you use your melee attack and smack that grenade into the cannon. And yes, trying to shoot the cannon itself with your regular weapons is completely useless; trust us, we tried and tried and tried until we finally solved the “puzzle.” It’ll take a few tries until you master the mechanics of chucking the explosive back to its source, but you’ll figure it out easily enough. Just make sure to dodge the grenades that you miss.

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biomutant how to destroy boomhut
Hit the grenade back towards the cannon

How to Sabotage Boomhut in Biomutant

To sabotage the Boomhut in Biomutant, you need to turn the red valve supplying the fuel to the fire. Yeah, it works different than when you have to destroy the Biomutant boomhut. However, this is arguably easier than the whole business with hitting the grenades back. The trick here is that the flames constantly follow you, and don’t give you much time to interact with the valves. How do you get around that? By carefully jumping on top of the flame-throwing turrets and then heading straight for the fuel tanks. Again, you might need a bit of practice to pull it off, but you’ll get it eventually.

how to sabotage biomutant boomhut
Jump onto the turret, then go and turn the valve
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