Biomutant Charisma - Is Charisma Stat Beneficial

The Charisma attribute in Biomutant is one of your core stats that you can spend points on, if you should so choose. It has certain effects on the game; mainly, it influences how well you do with merchants, as well as unlocking extra dialogue options with some NPCs. However, is it worth spending the points on? Would it be more prudent to spend your hard-earned character points on other stats? We’ll be answering these questions in our Biomutant Charisma – Is Charisma Stat Beneficial guide.

biomutant charisma is charisma stat beneficial
Biomutant Charisma – Is Charisma Stat Beneficial

Is the Charisma Stat Beneficial in Biomutant?

The answer to whether the Biomutant Charisma stat is beneficial is kinda yes and no. What do I mean by that? A high Charisma score affects your Barter stat, which influences how well you do with merchants. The better your bartering skills, the better prices you get, both when selling and buying. That way, you can get some pretty cool and high-level gear very early on. However, this is not that big of an advantage when all is said and done; you’ll get plenty of great stuff (better than what the vendors offer) by simply exploring the world and completing quests. Better use the Luck stat for that. Incidentally, you can also get a bonus to barter by choosing the Murgel breed (more on that in our Biomutant Breeds guide).

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Another thing that the Charisma stat is for is easier persuading of certain NPCs to spill the beans. See, some NPCs can direct you towards certain secret locations and loot and whatnot, if you pass the attribute check. In some cases, the Biomutant Charisma stat will give you extra dialogue options, and these can point you towards those secrets. However, again, the issue here is that you can find these secrets by just exploring the world. So, when all is said and done, you can safely treat Charisma as a dump stat. It pains me to say this, since I love playing high-charisma characters, but that’s just how it is.

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