Biomutant Hypoxia - Oxygen Pingdish & Suit Location for Surviving the Deadzone

Hypoxia in Biomutant is a status effect that will eventually kill you, and you need to locate the oxygen suit to survive the Deadzone and remove hypoxia. There are several other methods that you can use to reduce hypoxia, but they are less effective. The trouble is that you need to find the specific pingdish that points you to the suit. So, in our Biomutant Hypoxia – Oxygen Pingdish & Suit Location for Surviving the Deadzone guide, we’ll show you all methods to battle the status effect. Pick the one you like best.

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biomutant hypoxia oxygen pingdish & suit location for surviving the deadzone
Biomutant Hypoxia – Oxygen Pingdish & Suit Location for Surviving the Deadzone

How to Survive the Hypoxia Zone in Biomutant Deadzone

To survive the Hypoxia Zone in the Deadzone in Biomutant and reduce hypoxia, you have several options. The first one is to mix and match various armor pieces that you have on hand and that offer hypoxia resistance. With any luck, you’ll have enough to get you through. The second option is to pilot your Mekton in areas that are wide enough for it to pass through; the mech will keep you completely safe from the status effect. Option three is to spend bio-points to increase your resistance to hypoxia.

The fourth and most complicated, but also most effective method to remove hypoxia completely is to get the Oxygen suit. To do that, head over to Pingdish 11H, aka the Oxygen Pingdish, way off to the north of the tree (location in the screenshots). Clear out the area and then turn the dish until the signal is nearly constant, and then hit “Use.” This will provide you with a second waypoint in Bangshelter 11I where you find the Oxygen suit, which entirely negates hypoxia in Biomutant for surviving the Deadzone.

how to survive hypoxia zone biomutant remove hypoxia deadzone
Oxygen pingdish & suit location

The catch here is that you need heat resistance to set foot into the area where the Oxygen suit location is. You can battle that by putting on armor pieces that grant you enough resistance, or to wear the heat suit. You get when you reach the desert area, from a separate side quest. Being inside makes you safe from the heat, by the way. However you do it, once you get the Oxygen suit, you’re immune to hypoxia, and can waltz into the Deadzone freely.

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