Biomutant Change Fur Color - Character Customization

Changing your fur color in Biomutant is a part of the game’s character customization, but which won’t be available right from the start. Instead, you have to play through the game until you reveal the Spurftop area, and speak with a specific NPC. Then, you have to complete a couple of side quests, and then finally be able to alter your fur color and patterns. To help you on this journey, here’s our Biomutant Change Fur Color – Character Customization guide.

biomutant change fur color character customization
Biomutant Change Fur Color – Character Customization

How to Change Fur Color – Biomutant Character Customization

To change your fur color in Biomutant and further your character customization, the first step is to locate a character called Trim. You can find him and his barber shop on a hill called Spurftop, which is between Suburbia and Surf Hurdle. You can see the location on the map below. Once you get to Trim, have a chat, and he’ll give you a side quest called “Lost, Not Found.” It requires you to purchase a pair of “Clipperfingers” from a character called Juju. Just follow the waypoint on the map and, when you get to Juju, buy the Clipperfingers, aka scissors. Return to Trim.

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The barber NPC will give you another side quest, called “The Sputdye Can.” This one is also simple. Follow the quest marker on the screen into the bunker, and then to the bag full of cans. Interact with it to get the can. Once again, go back to Trim. With both quests done, you can now change fur color in Biomutant at his shop whenever you want. You can alter your fur pattern for free, which is nice. You can also change your main and detail fur color, but both cost 400 leaves. Not exactly cheap, but not particularly egregious either.

how to change fur color biomutant character customization
Trim’s location

If you want to know more about Biomutant character customization, check out our Mutation Spot – Change Your Character Appearance guide. We’ve also got other guides that you might find useful, such as Bricktown Superb Loot Old World Gadget Locations and Break Metal Wall to Third Moth Nest in the Outpost. Good luck!

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