Bioshock Infinite Battleship Bay Collectible Locations

Battleship Bay is the seventh mission in Bioshock Infinite and it has 2x Kinetoscope, 1x Telescope and 5x Voxophone collectibles. Bellow you will find screenshot guides and explanations on how to find all of them.
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This mission starts as soon as you find yourself on a beach.

Monument Island Gateway Voxophone no.1

The First Voxophone can be found bellow the small cart on the beach.

Monument Island Gateway Kinetoscope no.1

As soon as you enter the first building from the beach, Kinetoscope can be found just around the corner.

Monument Island Gateway Voxophone no.2

Upon entering Arcade Employees Only entrance, and proceeding up to the second floor of the building, continue forward despite the mission telling you to go left. Voxophone can be found in a basket inside of the room you enter.

Monument Island Gateway Voxophone no.3

When you enter the arcade room, continue forward, go inside of a hallway with sign saying “whites”. In the man’s room, you can find the next Voxophone on a table.

Monument Island Gateway Kinetoscope no.2

This Kinetoscope can be found at the end of Hallway that has two signs saying “Whites” on its entrance.

Monument Island Gateway Voxophone no.4

When you are able to continue your mission, after an interaction with a ticket salesman, a new passage opens. At the start of this passage is a room with the Voxophone inside of it, on a table.

Monument Island Gateway Voxophone no.5

Before proceeding toward a platform with a tram and a tesla coil, turn left and go to the basement. Voxophone can be found in a small hidden room on a small whiskey box.

Monument Island Gateway Telescope no.1

When the tram reaches the other platform, that it was heading to, climb to the second floor and you will find the telescope there.